• Unique gameplay and premise
  • Based around free to play (originally a browser game)
  • Small number of levels ends the experience just as you get into it
  • Controls and interface sometimes cause frustration in puzzle solving

Interlocked offers up a challenging mobile game based around interconnected wooden blocks. What looks simple on the surface is anything but as you attempt to unlock the 3D wooden block puzzles that lie before you. Originally released as a flash browser title (now retired) the game was eventually brought over to both Android and iOS with 5 chapters of game content available for free.


The Interlocked mobile version is similar in design and mechanics to the original Flash game of the same name although has been expanded somewhat for the mobile audience. Still offering the free price tag though Interlocked is a challenging experience based around the sliding and moving of wooden blocks of various shapes.

Your objective in each of the games levels is to disconnect the blocks which are attached to each other in unique and often hidden ways. Thus determining the shape and connections of each level is often your first objective in conquering each level. Controls for Interlocked players requires you to switch between camera movement and your pull tool with star ratings based on the number of moves you take to unlock each wooden puzzle.

Audio sounds help guide players when a wooden block is obscured by another one and won’t budge any further. While useful players will still need solid spatial recognition and camera control to uncover every little piece of detail. While enjoyable the controls can sometimes feel awkward and make it almost feel like there is two puzzles in place at all times, the first being the wooden blocks in front of you and the second being the manipulation of camera angle to get the appropriate action you are trying to make.


On mobile moving this camera and unwinding the blocks is all done through initiative touch controls that are easy to manage and smooth to respond which means it feels satisfying to use with every puzzle you clear. As typical for puzzle games the difficultly ramps up slowly with early levels introducing the sort of mechanics that you’ll have to look out for in the more difficult levels to come. Interlocked also does a wonderful job of building on the mechanics set in previous levels and combining them together in a continually complex fashion.

Generally you’ll have most success with each level by slowly breaking down the components, how does each piece fit together? What movement do the individual pieces have available at the start of the game before anything is moved? These questions will serve you well from beginning to end in the game of Interlocked.


Interlocked rounds out the solid experience with crisp graphics (for mobile) and a good soundtrack across all available platforms which helps your mind focus as you jump between each level and even replay some as you try to obtain 3 stars on the mobile version.

Overall Interlocked is a strong puzzle experience for mobile with fantastically brain teasing puzzle designs that will suck you in one after another as you aim to complete the unique interlocking puzzles that await.


  • Complete dozens of interlocking puzzles across 5 chapters on mobile.
  • Responsive camera designs to work seamlessly on mobile
  • Sleek wooden graphics bring the individual wooden pieces to life.
  • Based on the original Flash Interlocked game.
  • Available for free across mobile devices (iOS and Android)



Review Platform: iOS

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