Invisible, Inc.

  • Interesting setting that utilises perfectly themed random elements to provide gameplay variety
  • Great game presentation throughout including voice acting and cutscenes
  • Core design will make it frustrating for some player types given stealth is a must to some level
  • Some lumpy difficulty experiences where specific items are needed for certain encounters

Use your abilities of sneak and steal in Invisible, Inc. a stealth based tactical game Developed by Klei Entertainment who also brought Don’t Starve to the gaming scene. Featuring similar roguelike elements to this past title players will likely experience several fails on their path to mastery of the core game mechanics and in turn tactical success.


Invisible, Inc. explores the year 2074 with a setting where large corporations have done away with the government and put themselves in charge instead due to their growing influence across the globe. Invisible, Inc. is a stealth corporation supports these companies by offering infiltration and intelligence services through field agents and a powerful AI called Incognita.

In terms of story focus during your gameplay begins after Invisible, Inc. is compromised which leaves a small number of agents alive and Incognita needing a new powerful computer system to maintain its overwhelming processing needs within 72 hours. This 72hr timeframe is also a pivotal game mechanic with players having that long to acquire the tools they need to achieve the final mission that sees you breaking into the enemy headquarters and upload Incognita into their mainframe.


This isn’t just something you’ll attempt once though due to the rougelike design of Invisible, Inc. which means you’ll likely have to try multiple times to reach the end of the story. With each attempt though comes experience points for unlockables and the knowledge of your mistakes which combined slowly allow the game to be easier allowing players to both finish the game and attempt some of the harder challenges if interested.

To help each playthrough feel unique each time you try the campaign you’ll find randomised elements making it different from your last. Notably the randomised game world will change the locations, threats and loot locations that ensures you need to adjust to encounters each time you start a new 72hr game window. This is layered on direct player choices at the start of each attempt which include choosing from the 10 available agents, their variants and starting hack programs that each have their own special effect which can alter your broader strategy.


Agents have the most notable impact on your strategy though with each having their own backstory, class, augments, abilities and weapons to mix and match in different ways. From the engineer focused Internationale who is a master hacker capable of manipulating electronics around her to Shalem 11 who is a sharpshooter specialist capable of finding optimal trajectories for bullets for their armour piercing rounds. By combining these agents and their associated strengths in unique ways players will hack terminals, avoid guards (or disable them) and achieve the objective for that given mission as you work towards repeating the process for higher stakes in the final mission to transfer Incognita.


  • A stealth based game where players will utilise turn based tactics and battle roguelike features.
  • Random campaign elements and game modes to allow broad replay value.
  • 10 unlockable agents with different team roles and associated abilities to mix and match for your objective.
  • High quality number of cut scenes and voice acting bring the game world to life.
  • 5 different game modes allow you to cater your experience.



Review Platform: PC

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