Jagged Alliance 2

  • Replay opportunities through the depth of mercenaries and the game map
  • Combat choice through destructible elements and combat action options
  • Some unfair balance implementation to create a sense of difficulty at higher game levels may sour your tactical efforts

Jagged Alliance 2 is one of the older tactical role playing games in the genre launching back in 1999 and remains a cult classic amongst gamers in the modern day. Developing your squad is the primary focus with the game adopting a setting that is fairly realistic and comparable to our own world unlike many others in the genre that adopt a fantasy or science fiction theme. Set in a small fictional country the sheer amount of choices combined with randomised components guarantees more than a single playthrough.


Your adventure in Jagged Alliance 2 will take you across Arulco, a small location ruled by a ruthless dictator for many years that has left the area a shell of its former self. As you might expect your role in this story is to topple the dictator once and for all with the help of the local citizens and militia who combine together to topple the dictatorship.

Fighting against any authoritarian state is no easy task but players have been given permission to do what it takes by whatever the means necessary to achieve the goal of removing the dictator Deidranna from power. In an alternative game mode players can also activate a science fiction mode that introduces a giant insect species known as the Crepitus to serve as your opponent instead. Regardless of the enemy you face the primary tools at your disposal in this fight are the hundreds of variants of mercenaries which you can recruit and equip them as necessary for the fights ahead that range across the spectrum of traditional weapons.


Unlocking all of this equipment and the option to hire new mercenaries is slowly unleashed to the player which ensures the game has a great flow as you go from rag-tag team to well equipped deadly team that might just stand a chance of success. Character stats and skills also play an important role which slowly develop as your mercenary perform actions within the game to provide that secondary source of progression. This allows players to kit up their mercenary group for specific circumstances be it direct assault or stealth attacks instead based on player preferences. With destructible elements within battlegrounds players can also use this team composition to consider how they intend to enter the battle.

Nothing comes free when you are dealing with mercenaries though and players will need the money to pay for their services and the wealth of equipment they select. The primary method to acquire this money is to reclaim the various gold and silver mines from different town sectors where you’ll liberate the miners to work for you. Players can also sell items they acquire from fallen foes and the occasional randomised event or treasure to top up their money reserves.


A strong team is important in Jagged Alliance 2 but can only take you so far with many towns and territories to reclaim across the island a keen eye for strategy is also important at both the macro level and the individual combat sequences. At a high level you’ll move troops across the sectors on the map and then engage in battle if you encounter the enemy within one of these sections.

This is where the tactical elements shine as you move your troops in turn based tactical combat across a variety of terrains with different actions available. These actions are fairly typical for the genre with each character having limited action points to move, attack, stealth or perform other actions. Jagged Alliance 2 also adds some interesting depth here by regenerating action points based on the status of your mercenaries and even some unspent points carrying over between turns.


  • The next instalment in the Jagged Alliance series that builds on the core tactical elements further.
  • Great replay opportunities through a huge mercenary list and randomised components so that each adventure feels unique.
  • Combines higher level strategy with tactical gameplay as you control the game map and individual combat engagements.
  • No shortage of different weapons and equipment to equip your mercenary team.
  • Three difficulty levels available and a science fiction alternative mode for further gameplay challenge.



Review Platform: PC

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