Jewel Mash

  • Offers a good amount of difficultly and level variety for puzzle matching veterans to be engaged with
  • Overall aesthetic is of a high quality across the board
  • Not for match three beginners with many levels requiring strong forethought and strategy consideration to beat

Explore Jewel Mash a match based title where Captain Le Match needs your help as you sail the shores of Treasure Island matching gems by joining his salty crew aboard the Gem Star. Jewel Mash offers a difficult adventure and pairs it with high production values and enough variety to ensure the 600 game levels are anything but dull and a worthy challenge for even the puzzle matching veteran.


Once you load up Jewel Mash players will find themselves wrecked upon the shore with an unknown island ahead that hides its own treasures and unique locations to be explored through puzzle matching based levels. As you complete each level you’ll slowly move along the island and encounter all sorts of events (such as other pirates) while also slowly expanding the mechanics that Jewel Mash has to offer. The result is a familiar gameplay experience and flow to others in the genre but with the production values stands out in the sea of options.

The addition of pirate events makes Jewel Mash much more than your standard match three formula as well and it combines this with a great game aesthetic driven by pleasing graphics, sounds and the attempted English by Captain Le Match which adds a light touch of humour.


In terms of the actual match three portion of Jewel Mash the mechanics are similar to what you’ve seen before with players swiping tiles horizontally and vertically to make matches of 3 or more with powerful gems being created for matches of 4 or more. Such powerful matches allow players to more efficiently clear out the game board and given the higher difficultly level in general of Jewel Mash are important to setup. In addition to the appealing difficultly level Jewel Mash also stands out through the constant refresh of variety compared to other games in this space in the way that it changes the level objectives with high regularity.

This can range from reaching a certain score or clearing all the blocks in either a limited number of moves or set time. When combined with the constantly changing game board layout Jewel Mash has multiple layers to the variety that it offers and the difficultly that it creates by having to continually adjust your strategies. This also means you won’t just be able to blindly complete the first odd 50 levels which makes the 600 levels much more long lasting than the 1,000s of levels from other games (where you might reach level 200 before there is any real challenge).


This difficultly also ties into the star system where players are awarded up to 3 stars after completing a level based on their performance. Unlike other games were earning 3 stars is almost always guaranteed Jewel Mash sets the bar a little higher which does encourage replay on your part if you want to hunt all the stars and not have any missing from the overworld screen.

If you consider yourself a match three master than put Jewel Mash to the test, you’ll find a high quality puzzle adventure with just enough difficultly to keep you on your toes.


  • A pirate themed match three adventure across a Treasure Island.
  • 600 levels packed full of variety through level objectives and level layouts.
  • Meet other pirates and events during your adventure.
  • Great sounds and graphics create a pleasing aesthetic.
  • For free on iOS and Android devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. I did. Passed.level, #150 3 times and I am stopped there . The cave will notre open.
    What canadien I do to get farder?

    Take care.


    • I m can’t go any further on the game either. Maybe all the stars have to be filled in

  2. TO MANY LEVELS!!!!!

  3. Love the game. Stuck on level 201 anyone have a clue?

  4. I’m on level 700 I can’t go anywhere now is that it ? Any more levels ?

  5. Is there more than 900 level

    • My question too!!! No big finale! Just done. Want more!

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