Jewel Match King

  • No energy system limits is suitable to longer terms of gameplay
  • 1,000+ levels with a good array of level mechanics and challenges
  • Large number of ads is the price you pay for no energy system

Conquer over a thousand levels across various scenarios in Jewel Match King, a free to play puzzle game that lets you play offline to ensure lack of internet or data won’t stop you from getting a puzzle matching fix. Available on both iOS and Android devices Jewel Match King regularly updates with new challenging content for players that are constantly pushing through puzzle matching game levels which has helped it achieve millions of app store downloads.


Wasting no time in getting players into their first few puzzle match game levels players are tasked with scoring a certain number of points within a limited number of moves in the tutorial level. As is common for the genre your objective as you advance will use a mixture of mechanics, such as requiring players to clear certain obstacles from the game board where you’ll instead need to focus your matches in particular areas rather than maximising your game score. This shift from level to level ensures like others in the genre that Jewel Match King stays fresh and challenging as you mix your strategies from level 1 to level 1,000 and beyond.

Regardless of your level objective though you’ll find a common limiting factor In Jewel Match King which is the number of moves that you have available. This consistent limitation requires that players rethink their approach in each level as you won’t see success by blindly matching the coloured jewel that you first see. To assist players in still overcoming tougher levels you’ll be rewarded with special jewels to clear the game board when players make a match of 4 coloured jewels or greater.


These special jewels includes the line jewel which can clear an entire line from the board, the bomb that detonates jewels in a small area and the rainbow jewel that can completely clear an entire colour. These also serve as the game boosters by allowing players to start with one on the game board to give you an explosive start to the next level if you spend the necessary currency before hand.

Additional purchasable boosters can also be accessed from within the level such as extra moves or a hammer to smash out a single obstacle on the game board. All of your level clearing efforts don’t go unrewarded either with coins being rewarded based on the number of stars that you earn which are funnelled into the above boosters or purchased with real money if players are running short.


The real gem of Jewel Match King though is the lack of a stamina or life system so players can attempt a level an unlimited number of times without having to beg friends or come back a few hours later. Players should be aware that this has a trade off though, being the ads that appear in between each level which can include longer length videos.


  • No stamina system lets you play endlessly online or offline through thousands of levels.
  • Tackle all sorts of challenges with limited moves as you clear the game board or reach high scores.
  • Earn coins for level completion to push into boosters for the difficult level challenges.
  • Includes the option for offline play.
  • Free for Android and iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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