Juice Jam

  • Fruity theme across setting, gameplay and mechanics offers a high quality and consistent match three experience
  • Some ongoing issues with levels not loading completely which causes players to lose lives and any activated power ups for that game level

Juice Jam comes from the creators of Cookie Jam who have turned away from the sugary snacks and created a fresh fruity match three puzzle adventure instead. Using similar fundamentals to their other games you’ll find refined mechanics, brighter colours and hundreds of new levels in their next Android and iOS mobile creation.


With the hundreds of games in this match three genre flooding the app store on a regular basis it is hard to stand out but Juice Jam does a fairly good job thanks to high production values that are maintained throughout the hundreds of juicy game levels with the Juice Jam gang which includes the deliciously named Kiwi and Mango.

As a match three game the core mechanic is of course creating matches of the various fruits on the game board by creating horizontal and vertical lines of three or more fruits. These fruits will then be used for tasty smoothies to fill the customers orders which you will see at the top of the screen in each level. While only 3 will be active at any time players will often have to fill dozens of order with your limited number of moves over the course of a level.


This design provides a good mix of challenge and strategy as players will need to think ahead to clear a customer’s order and in turn allow another to take their place and ensure no fruity matches are wasted. While this fruit smoothie type of level is definitely the main one you’ll encounter in the hundreds of Juice Jam levels there are a few other types of level mechanics to keep the game from getting stale. These include creating popsicles for penguins and feeding a giant cat with his favourite fruits which much like the customer smoothie challenges require specific fruit matches with a limited number of moves but sometimes incorporate additional obstacles.

The unique ideas don’t even stop there though with a unique honey mechanic that appears several times through the Juice Jam levels in different forms and deepens the strategy considerations. With honey sometimes being requested by smoothie customers you’ll need to first match bees to create a honey cube and then combine three honey cubes to add the required honey to their smoothie order.


To balance the challenge Juice Jam includes the usual match three puzzle bonuses for matching 4 or 5 tiles in a single move in addition to the once off power up abilities selected at the start of a level that are earned slowly with gameplay or purchased directly through in app purchases.


  • Create smoothies, popsicles, honey and other tasty treats in hundreds of game levels.
  • High production value match three gameplay with a colourful theme and responsive matching action.
  • Share your top scores with friends through the in game social features.
  • Fun and challenging level designs that use multiple mechanics and obstacles.
  • Use powerful once off boosts to overcome tough levels.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. The comments when a level isn’t won are rude, discouraging, and upsetting to younger players. I do not recommend this game for this reason. Statements like “you lost and that is sad” and “you’re better than that” detract from the game.

  2. Game freezes up

  3. This game is very unstable. Won’t advance to next level when you win. Also closes out constantly and you have to reopen it.

  4. Always freezing up all level

  5. Have an iPhone love juice jam however most of the time if I win a level it completely shuts off and then I have to repeat the level sometimes 4 times before I can move onto new level. Very frustrating. Also if I have used the special Moves they are gone but I still have to repeat the level

  6. I noticed that the game does not correctly score in past levels, especially bad scoring on level 552. Many times I get no points when i have a combo with green, yellow and purple which are the only colors that you can earn points and many times I get no points when the green, yellow or purple on on a 2x square.

  7. I love the game, but I had gotten all the way to the 300 board and it dropped me back down to 153… So not cool?

    • Jacinta Luppino
      Dnt tell me that I’m nearly on level 300 lol

  8. Game freezes…sometimes can’t advance, and does not give earned coins when level is won.

  9. Love the game could do without the headaches that come with trying to play it…at one point found it relaxing from a stressful day unfortunately no longer the case.

  10. Game does not play right…the games refuses to talley earned coins correctly and tends to freeze.

  11. Love the game…till it acts up. Please fix or…I might as well delete.

  12. Have always loved this game but after being updated it flickers and cannot be played. Although I deleted and reuploaded this game several times it still flickers on my android

  13. Game doesn’t score correctly. Splat the cat always doesn’t score points and has become frustrating. Level 695 and now I must quit. I’ve tallied the last game as having 96 pts with 1 move remaining. The game has me at 53 pts. Goodbye!

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