• Educational – Plenty of free content – Great for young kids
  • Won't keep older kids entertained for long

JumpStart is a popular 3D virtual world that can be played within your internet browser and is focused on educational gaming.


The team behind the game has had decades of experience in the virtual world genre and have since gone on to create a number of other popular worlds for kids to explore.

JumpStart will appeal to children as young as 3 or 4 making it one of the most child friendly experiences available online today. Of course younger children will need help moving about the world but there are plenty of simple games that they will be able to play by themselves once setup and left to their own devices.

Learning experiences in JumpStart vary based on the games you choose, a decision that is based on your age and preferences. JumpStart’s educational value includes mathematical problems, grammar concepts, art and even simple things like shapes or the alphabet.

Since the game is a virtual world players can move their customisable avatars from location to location giving the game an exploration aspect that young kids who have mastered the computer controls will spend most of their time on.

Players can see each other in the game world which helps bring the game to life as other little avatars move around the screen. However, there is no way for players to talk to each other keeping the game a very safe experience. You also never have to worry about kids clicking off to a potentially dangerous site since JumpStart only advertisers its other games on the JumpStart platform which are also all children friendly.


As with most free games there is a paid membership option which when compared to other games is very well priced and quite an attractive option considering what you get. Membership offers over a thousand more games, 4 full version PC game downloads and the ability to train creatures.

On top of the online virtual world experience JumpStart also has smartphone apps (JumpStart Pet Rescue) for iOS and Android devices which offer similar gameplay to the online experience.


  • 3D virtual world that is intended for children as young as 3.
  • Large world to explore filled with activities.
  • Huge collection of educational focused games.
  • Attractive membership prices and benefits.
  • Apps for iOS and Android with similar gameplay.



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  1. i love this game

  2. This is a cool game, but it sucks that alot of the stuff is only available for members. But, this is really fun. But I don’t think it would be suitable for like.. 11 year olds! xD But eh, I kind’ve like the old version better. The old version had cooler maps and you can find stuff quicker. And it didn’t take as long to load! ;-; I remember when I was 6 playing this and it was the better days of Jumpstart. u_u

  3. its really fun but a lot of things for members only

  4. Everything is for members, how am I supposed to be entertained?


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