Jungle Clash

  • Unique general mechanic
  • Still a clone at heart

From the same company that brought you Jungle Heat now comes Jungle Clash, a title that blends a number of strategy mechanics into a single mobile PvP based game.


While the foundation of Jungle Clash is undeniably Clash Royale, Jungle Clash is one of the few games that borrows from it but also innovates a few components to ensure it is comparable if not a better experience than that of Clash Royale.

At it’s core Jungle Clash is still the same game with each player having 3 defensive towers. Your objective is to take out the enemy units that stand in your way and destroy the enemy towers to claim victory, which comes with a fair amount of rewards, powering you up for your next fight. Games are also time limited to ensure they don’t go on endlessly with the winner decided based on damage done.

Summoning in cards requires players to spend their dogtag currency which generates slowly in each match. This system design allows multiple strategies to thrive as players adopt a low cost dogtag army or save up for more powerful units.

Jungle Clash does pull some inspiration from Jungle Heat with some familiar unit designs. Cards such as the sniper, soldiers and rockets are common themes in most early to mid game armies although may be replaced with legendary cards as you climb the game rankings. Cards fall into categories or common, rare and legendary which does increase their potency and flexibility.


All of these cards belong to a particular type as well being troop, building or support. Troops are the fundamental of any strategy and can be played offensively or defensively to counter your opponents summons, similarly support is useful in a wide range of situations giving you additional damage at key moments. Buildings are generally defensive in nature, serving as another stationary platform for troops to deploy from or shoot at incoming enemies. All of the above mentioned cards will level up as you acquire more to increase their strength.

The best feature of Jungle Clash though is the addition of a general which stands over your army, offering unique powers that can be used to change the momentum of battle.


  • From the same company that brought you Jungle Heat.
  • Develop your own deck of common, rare and legendary cards.
  • Summon a range of cards including troops, spells and buildings.
  • Prove your strength in the PvP leagues.
  • Available on both iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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