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  • Dinosaur variety – Visuals – Movie references
  • Game starts slow

Jurassic Park Builder lets you create your own dinosaur tourist attraction by building the necessary enclosures, choosing your dinosaurs and more. With room to expand over both land and sea players will have room for all their favourite dinosaurs and decorations to make the ultimate park.


Taking a page from the movie Jurassic Park Builder requires you to pull DNA from the amber fragments that you find in order to recreate the dinosaurs of the past. Giving them life is just the start of your adventure though as you’ll need to care for them if they are to become full sized versions.

The road to full sized dinosaur is an enjoyable one as you watch them slowly grow thanks to your careful habitat and diet management. With diet requirements ranging from meat to plants and fish you’ll find that managing all your resources in order to keep your dinosaurs fed and growing will definitely keep you on your toes.

The game doesn’t just stop at raising dinosaurs though with your ultimate goal to develop a dream dinosaur park that will draw in large number of tourists. Trying to avoid going the way of the various Jurassic Park movies won’t be easy as you try to keep your tourists safe as they travel around the roads of your park.


They won’t just be travelling around the park to take photos of your magnificent dinosaurs though as they will also want entertainment in the form of buildings, hotels, restaurants and all sorts of other amusement centres. With the huge variety in buildings and available dinosaurs that constantly increases as you play there is always something new to build or save up your hard earned funds for.

With a good array of social features and impressive visuals bringing the game to life this is a must play for any Jurassic Park fan.


  • Based on the Jurassic Park movies.
  • Dozens of dinosaurs to create your dream park.
  • Build roads, amusement centres, hotels and restaurants.
  • Free on iOS and Android.
  • Impressive visuals bring your dinosaurs to life.



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