Just Cause 2

  • New grappling hook – Large game world – Side quest variety
  • Lack of seriousness might throw some people off

Just Cause 2 offers similar gameplay to its predecessor with players again playing as Rico Rodriguez as he attempts to save the world from an evil dictator. The game is based on an island setting with plenty of movie style action within the game.


Just Cause 2 takes place on the island of Panau and features a slightly larger game world than the original at approximately 400 square miles. The game takes place several years after the original but the stories are only loosely linked with Rico Rodriguez returning as the game’s protagonist. Your objective in the game is to overthrow the new ruler of Panau who has replaced the once American friendly leader with an oppressive dictatorship.

The game is an entirely open world experience so players are free to tackle the game in the order that they please and can completely ignore the main quest line for as long as they desire. Just like in the original Just Cause players will also have the opportunity to side with a number of factions on the island in order to gain enough power to assault the new dictator and take them down from their position of power.

Progress in your game is now measured by Chaos which is earned from side missions, destruction of government held property and by helping the various factions. As your Chaos grows so does your list of available quests and missions with players eventually being able to claim land on behalf of their faction which increases their area of influence within the game.


The action movie style of gameplay returns from the original but with a new grappling hook tool available, which allows you to tether objects together for unique methods of transport or destruction. While the parachute returns from the original game its uses have been enhanced and it is always available for deployment.

Just Cause 2 is a great addition to the series and continues where the original left off with some nice improvements to enhance the gameplay even further.


  • Fight for the Agency once more as Rico Rodriguez.
  • Explore the island while creating Chaos.
  • Free to play the game how you want.
  • Use your grappling hook and parachute for crazy carnage.
  • Interesting storyline with plenty of twists.



Review Platform: PC

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