Kameo: Elements of Power

  • Play as 10 different elemental warriors with their own playstyles and puzzle uses
  • Unique settings that are wonderfully supported by visual and soundtrack design
  • Short adventure which is unlikely to provide a significant challenge to adventure genre fans

ameo: Elements of Power brings the power of the elements into an action adventure game allowing players to leverage the different element powers for combat and puzzles. Launched in 2005 for the Xbox 360 and subsequently made available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility Kameo: Elements of Power stands out as one of the more unique puzzle action adventures on Microsoft’s console platform.


Kameo: Elements of Power is set in a mythical world and has players assuming the role of Kameo, the daughter of the powerful and respected Elf Queen. The queen known for her the ability to assume the form of Elemental Warriors has long provided her access to powerful beings with an impressive array of abilities that are tied into their respective element. As daughter of the Elf Queen Kameo inherits this ability from her mother although as the youngest of three this unexpected inheritance turns her eldest daughter against her who joins forces with the evil troll king who captures all of Kameo’s relatives.

This leaves Kameo with her new found powers and a quest to restore order to the world by defeating the troll king, her older sister and freeing your family members in the process. Along this journey you’ll unlock additional elemental powers and also learn more about the history of the game world and in particular Kameo’s family.


Gameplay in Kameo: Elements of Power is centred around the player rescuing the various Elemental Warriors which are often closely tied with rescuing particular family members. With each new warrior being located you’ll gain new powers that can be used for future levels and provides a wonderful sense of progression as Kameo’s available arsenal grows. As is traditional for the genre unlocking some of these elements ties into puzzles or locked away locations allowing players to revisit past levels for hidden treasures by utilising new powers.

In addition to this the elements also serve the purpose of giving the player different playstyles with each warrior having their own strengths, weaknesses and design which makes them all play very differently from each other. While some boss battles and puzzle sequences require very specific elemental choices to overcome players are for the most part able to play as the elements they find most interesting. Further customisation is delivered through elemental fruit scattered throughout game levels which can be spent to learn the advanced techniques of particular elemental forms or generic elixirs that increase Kameo’s maximum health.


In total there are 10 available elemental warriors with 2 for each of the game elements; fire, ice, plant, rock and water. Options include Punmelweed who is a brutal close quarters plant fighter, a rock flinging element known as Rubble, Ash the fire breathing dragon and Deep Blue the jellyfish who excels underwater both in speed and combat.


  • 10 different Elemental Warriors that all play differently through strengths, weaknesses and further upgrades.
  • A unique journey to rescue your family members across varied environments and battles.
  • Discover hidden items (some requiring particular elements) to boost your power and health further.
  • Smooth combat system that allows for easy switching between your acquired elements and is responsive for melee and ranged styles.
  • Fantastic game soundtrack and visuals bring individual unique locations to life.



Review Platform: Xbox One

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