Kapi Hospital

  • Fantastic game humour through things such as made up diseases which make it a light-hearted management game despite the grim setting
  • Includes bonus mechanics beyond time management and tycoon such as the mini golf mechanic that encourages you to collect golf gear for your doctors
  • Like other free to play titles in the genre progress can significantly slow down at times without spending money, albeit not as aggressive as most games

Kapi Hospital gives players control of their own hospital and everything that it entails. From the curing of patients, designing of rooms and balancing of the budget the hospital’s success at curing medical issues for patients is within your hands. Similar to other games from the Upjers team Kapi Hospital is playable within your browser for free and further supported through in game purchases based around convenience in typical freemium game style.


The game is truly a start from the basics adventure with Kapi Hospital offering players with only a small amount of space to begin building their hospital and early examination rooms. Overtime though Kapi Hospital slowly expands your borders allowing players to expand rooms and build new ones to deal with all sorts of medical emergencies as you get into the flow and overall gameplay loop.

With rooms for patients you’ll find that they start arriving quickly and with a variety of diseases and illnesses. Kapi Hospital provides a mixture of real (acne) and fake sickness (barfitis) which adds an element of humour to the game and keeps it light-hearted despite the grim setting.


As these patients arrive players will be able to pick patients up and drop them into the appropriate hospital room in order to cure them and get paid for the services provided. In order to speed up your doctors you’ll want to keep a healthy stock of medical equipment to reduce the time that it takes to cure your patients. Not only will this increase your cash flow dramatically but also make your hospital one of the most popular in the area which comes with its own efficiency boosts.

As the game goes on players will have to overcome more severe combinations of disease that require more specialist rooms to be built from the cash you’ve acquired during the early game stages. In total Kapi Hospital allows players to expand their hospital over four different floors and even manage an intensive care unit which keeps players busy with time and resource management.


Like everyone your doctors will find they need the occasional break from their day job which Kapi Hospital offers in a unique mini golf course mechanic. Through this your doctors can take a break from the hectic hospital experience while also adding an additional layer to the game as you try to purchase new golf gear for the green.

Ultimately Kapi Hospital is an easy game to learn and play while doing a fantastic job of slowly increasing the depth as you progress. The blend of time management and tycoon style game hits the right balance and has particular appeal to those that are fans of Theme Hospital.


  • Run your own hospital from the ground up by customising rooms for real and fake diseases.
  • Take a break from curing patients and go the mini golf course while unlocking additional golf gear.
  • Plenty of depth and room to grow your hospital with a total of 4 floors and an intensive care unit.
  • Manage your inventory of medical supplies to cure patients efficiently for additional funds.
  • Free to play browser game supported by in game convenience purchases (freemium model).



Review Platform: Browser

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