Katawa Shoujo

  • Unique – Lots of content – Endings
  • Some dialogue is lacking

Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel set in a unique setting. The game takes place in the fictional Yamaku High School which is specifically designed for the disabled. Note the game is mature in nature and recommended for older audiences (18+), an option to disable sexual themes is included.


This combination of visual novel and otome game follows the adventures of a boy as he makes friends with five female characters. Players join the story as this boy (Hisao Nakai) after he joins Yamaku High School due to his own medical problems.

While originally you are really depressed about having to move to a new school, the loss of old friends and your new condition the school warms up to you in time. The move is eased by five friendly girls that also attend the school and depending on how you approach the game can even turn into partners for you. These girls each have their own distinct personality and plot lines for players to explore like most games in the genre.

The character list of girls includes:
Emi Ibarazaki, an extremely energetic blonde girl with commitment problems who had to have her legs amputated after a devastating car accident.

Hanao Ikezawa, who lost her parents in a fire and has been scarred by the event leaving her as a very shy girl.

Lilly Satou, a blind student who is extremely polite and the tallest character in the game with long blonde hair to go with it.

Rin Tezuka, a girl with a birth defect that led to her losing her arms but now has amazing dexterity with her feet. She is very forth coming and wears her red hair very short.

Sizune Hakamichi, is a mute and deaf girl with a very powerful will who does not like to show her emotion.


In terms of gameplay Katawa Shoujo plays out like many other games in the genre with players reading through text, assessing the situation and choosing their desired choice. Based on the decisions that players make the plot will head in different directions and ultimately provide options to romance one of the five girls (which may end up in a relationship or a bitter sweet ending).


  • Visual novel and otome style game.
  • Unique game setting (high school for the disabled).
  • Poses important questions about life and how one sees themselves.
  • 5 different girls to chase.
  • Huge range of endings.



Review Platform: PC

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