Khan Wars

  • A dozen nations that support different playstyles for players to explore
  • Good depth to mechanics such as knights, castle marches and combat formations that ensure strategy plays a role
  • Slow early progression before all mechanics are unlocked to add strategy choices
  • Lack of in game explanation of some core mechanics

Khan Wars is a medieval strategy game that combines competitive gameplay, in depth combat and a great learning curve into a browser adventure. Create a name for yourself as you make an empire and army to smite your opponents on the field of battle with plenty of mechanics to offer sufficient long term depth for fans of the MMORTS gaming genre.

You’ll quickly realise that depth is the focus of Khan Wars as after registration you are faced with your first decision which involves choosing your nation. While some games might have three simple choices Khan Wars has a dozen unique nations that have different properties along with a unique unit and special ability. This includes the Britons, Arabs, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Franks, Germans, Goths, Iberians, Lithuanians, Mongols, Persians and Russians which each feature themes from history and other strategy titles. This gives you plenty of incentive to play again and again on each new server to try out a different strategy in an attempt to claim the top of the rankings which provide a regular reset cycle with worlds featuring different game lengths and game speeds.


As a result nations can have a notable impact on your playstyle such as the Britons who acquire an additional 10% gold for their efforts by researching the appropriate finance themed skill along with several archer and siege training time improvements. In comparison the Franks specialise in wood gain, cavalry training, merchants and taking additional resources after a successful raid on their opponents for an entirely different playstyle.

The foundation of any good empire is in their economy and this is exactly where you’re early attention in Khan Wars will be directed through the games directional quests although for experienced players you can opt to create your economic buildings in your own order. In addition to these resources you’ll acquire some army units, credits and other items to push your empire further with an early leg up that is available to all players.


As part of this economy you’ll have 4 core resources to manage in Khan Wars (gold, iron, wood and food) that each serve their own purpose alongside population and loyalty management. Resources are primarily generated through your resource generating buildings of mines, lumberjacks and farms respectively although can also be gained through exchanges with traders, trading with other players or stealing them from those around you in battle. With each contributing to your strategic goal you’ll need to balance these resources while also ensuring you have ample population to create military units and loyalty that dictates how far you can march away from your home castle to achieve your goals.

These goals are left to the player for the most part with room to focus on creating an economically powerful city in the world or opting to conquer other players instead for two distinct playstyles. Regardless of your ideal outcome you’ll find the core gameplay similar as you take resources from the land (or other players), invest them in buildings and train an army to reach the next level of progression. You’ll also find a host of extra activities to keep you busy from training, equipping and promoting your own knights which will adventure around your province to investigate caravans or clear out bandits.


Combat is equally fleshed out with players given a fair amount of control over the outcome of a particular battle through the army orders system that lets you create formations and save them)for use in battle. Understanding each units strength and supporting that with the blacksmith to create weapons and armours means the choice here is well above what you may have experienced elsewhere. Broadly these battle units fall into the category of archer, cavalry, infantry, siege and special units that each act as you would expect.

Further customisation to your adventure comes from the skills system where you can invest into specific specialisations like finance, healer, siege, luck, education and scout that further tweaks your playstyle strengths. Ultimately the design of the rolling servers means that the end goal is the ranking system where you will seek to climb the leader boards with your strategy as you compete against others alone or with your clan assistance.


  • In depth strategy MMO available for browsers and Android gamers.
  • Create the ultimate kingdom, economy and army as you push to the top of the server leader boards.
  • Select from a dozen historical nations with their own strengths to your kingdom playstyle.
  • Use the blacksmith and battle formations to conquer other players with strategic battle preparation.
  • Recruit knights, send them on knight quests, craft special equipment and promote them to unlock benefits to your kingdom.



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