Killzone: Shadow Fall

  • Shows off the PS4 potential – New stealth elements with more open worlds – Hard hitting story
  • Campaign doesn't really offer much

Killzone: Shadow Fall continues the Killzone series of sci-fi shooters with an impressive PlayStation 4 launch title. Fans of the series will want to get their hands on the game while players looking for a breathtaking PS4 FPS experience will also want in on Killzone: Shadow Fall.


The game is set in the same universe as the previous games and focuses on the planet Vekta. After the terrible destruction that made Helghan uninhabitable half of the Vektan’s home world has been given to the Helghast and renamed to New Helghan. While a small and unstable peace between the two races existed tensions quickly grew to a boiling point.

In Killzone: Shadow Fall players will get to journey over the wall that separates these two foes as a child only to head back over it several decades later to recover top secret and vital information in the ongoing conflict.

Killzone: Shadow Fall retains much of the first person elements from previous games with a number of recognisable weapons from the series. It wouldn’t be a new title without plenty of new ways to fight the Helghast though with plenty of new guns scattered around your adventure. You’ll also have your trusty hovering drone (OWL) to assist you by stunning enemies, deploying a zip line for the player, hacking terminals and using an energy shield to reflect damage.


The game does differentiate itself from previous games in the Killzone series by offering a less linear and more open world experience. The games focus is also much more stealth orientated which ties into the players story as a Shadow Marshal. While not all fans will like the change it’s a good progression of the series.

If Killzone’s graphics are a taste of what we can expect from the PlayStation 4 in the future then gamers are in for a real treat with the next console generation.


  • Launch title for the PlayStation 4.
  • Part of the long running and popular Killzone series
  • Emphasis on more open world and stealth style gameplay.
  • Amazing graphics that really show off what the latest generation has to offer.
  • Use new weapons and your OWL tool to your advantage.



Review Platform: PS4

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