King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame

  • Unique setting that blends the historical and mythical into a single adventure (with quests)
  • Large scale battles with ample room to craft strategy and leverage side mechanics such as heroes
  • Some unit and magic imbalances give you little reason to explore every corner of possible strategy composition
  • Like many older strategy games the AI relies on cheating to be an effective opponent

King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame blends a number of genres together to create a medieval themed tactical role playing and grand strategy game set in a historical era. Following the exploits of King Arthur and the legends surrounding his life players will step into his shoes and command his army of knights to expand the kingdom and quest for artefacts of legend.


Similar to the Total War series players look over the game world of Britannia in grand strategy style interface, giving you the bird’s eye view of the land. This high level view gives you total control over how you apply your resources, research new technology and even over the laws of your lands that can have various strategy impacts. Religion also plays an important role with the battle between Christianity and the old religious ways constantly in the backdrop of the campaign and feels fitting for the time period that King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame explores.

When a battle needs to be fought this shifts to a real time strategy game mode where you’ll command your troops first hand and see the battle from the soldier’s level. A key element in these real time battles are the heroes which bring role playing elements into the game with their range of abilities to improve troop morale. These abilities are a mixture of magical and non-magical and can be enhanced further through the skill tree, stat points and item systems in the game giving you fantastic control over your strategy.


These heroes are truly the backbone of any strategy in King Arthur thanks to their ability to fight dozens of units at once and even inspire units around them. Playing around these heroes like Sir Lancelot who is a powerful champion fighter and Merlin who uses magical sage abilities to support troops. These heroes can also go out on adventure quests that occasionally appear on the campaign map and taking players through a short mythical story.

Heroes aren’t the only mechanic you’ll have to master in King Arthur giving the game plenty of longevity as it adheres to the tried and true method of easy to learn and hard to master strategy. These additional mechanics include things like varying unit formations that change their strength against different units, terrain that directly impacts on unit effectiveness and morale as mentioned previously to keep your troops fighting.


With a lengthy quest driven campaign that pulls from history and folklore to sink your teeth into combining with the depth of mechanics available King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame hits the important parts elements of the grand strategy genre.


  • Create your own round table of knights as you play King Arthur in a blend of history and fantasy.
  • Quest driven campaign packed with content and multiple paths to take with familiar faces like Sir Lancelot and Merlin.
  • Master religion, laws, heroes, morale and more as you control and lead your growing kingdom.
  • Experience some epic, large scale battles from up close as you dive into real time battles.
  • Grand strategy blended with role playing and real time tactical battles.



Review Platform: PC

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