Kingdom Island

  • Customisation – Simple but impressive graphics – Social
  • Small community size – Limited games

Kingdom Island offers an online virtual world adventure that combines gaming, making new friends and customising your character. With a large island to explore and all the features to make a fun and enjoyable game Kingdom Island is a great place to hang out regardless of your age.


Players in Kingdom Island aren’t limited to just playing through their browser either with support for both iOS and Android devices allowing you to check in with your online friends whenever you like.

Starting your account is a quick experience allowing you to enter the virtual world within less than a minute. Once you’ve created your account you’ll be able to begin exploring the various locations on offer. With places like the volcano, castle, beach, harbour and theatre there is good variety to the game world giving you different places to meet people or catch up with friends that you’ve already made.

Right from the start you can customise your dragon like avatar by changing their colour (free) or purchasing accessories for them using silver which you can find on the ground or by playing the available games.

Accessories include items like hats, hairstyles, shoes and clothes and offer enough variety that you can create your own unique look to share with others. For players that love to explore you’ll also be able to find a few hidden items around the game world that you can use to customise your dragon further.


Chatting is where you’ll spend most of your time in Kingdom Island and the game helps you socialise with a number of handy features. While you’ll be able to chat with others using the chat you can also follow others to easily keep track of them and even message them while they are offline to stay in touch.

With a community that continues to grow and updates to improve what Kingdom Island has to offer it’s a great time to create an account and join the community.


  • Free to play virtual world.
  • Customise your own dragon avatar.
  • Follower others to easily stay in touch.
  • Play games to earn silver and customise your character.
  • Plenty of different locations to explore.


Review Platform: iOS

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