Kitty Cat Clicker

  • Plenty of cute cat designs for players to work towards and unlock through consistent gameplay
  • Relaxing gameplay bolstered with changing scenarios and soundtrack to keep you happily tapping
  • Limited longevity without reset style mechanics and lack of depth to progression
  • Excessive in game advertising makes progression slow and ruins game flow

If you love endless clicker games and are a cat addict then Kitty Cat Clicker is the mobile game you’ve been waiting for with a perfect blend between the two. In Kitty Cat Clicker you’ll get to hire all sorts of cats in order to help feed the Queen Cat and gain access to the royal treasury which offers all sorts of awesome prizes for your hard working cats.


Starting out with no help players will have to tap, tap and tap on their Android or iOS device in order to feed the Queen Cat with food that falls from the sky. As you feed this queen of the cats you’ll fill up the bar at the top of the screen which when full will reward you with a chest of gold or special powers to provide a boost to your progress of filling up the screen with other cute cat helpers. Once you’ve opened the chest the queen will re appear hungry for more food just like a persistent real cat with the cycle repeating itself again and again.

If you played a clicker game before you’ll know that this is a never ending loop as you constantly must meet higher and higher requirements to full the bar to reach the next level. To meet these ever increasing requirements you’ll have to rely on hiring a large variety of cute cats that will toss food in the queens open mouth for you in an idle fashion and eventually remove your interaction from Kitty Cat Clicker entirely if you choose to do so.


These cats all come with brilliant art work and will populate the screen with the more that you buy which provides a fantastic sense of visual progression alongside the joy of seeing your unlocked cats help the cat feeding cause. From the sushi cat to the fishin’ cat and the baker they all have their own foods to throw in the greedy belly of the queen cat in the centre of your screen. These cats don’t join players for free though and must be purchased with bells which your cats will generate passively when they provide food or when you tap the screen as part of the endless cycle that Kitty Cat Clicker offers.

In addition to the core group of cats players can also unlock some special cats with premium currency that will occasionally fly across the screen and give you a large amount of bells to boost progression rapidly. These aren’t too far out of reach for players not willing to part with cash though as you earn a fair amount of this currency by beating each level and if properly spent can prove very effective.


With its cute graphics Kitty Cat Clicker will keep you wanting to feed the greedy Queen cat just as long as any other clicker game although the more analytical player might find that the lack of depth in upgrades is a little lacking.


  • Click to feed the hungry Queen Cat who is never satisfied.
  • Recruit cute cats to help you feed the greedy Queen Cat.
  • Unlock special cats that provide large number of bells and fly across the top of your screen.
  • Artistic graphics for your cat adventure to bring your cat friends to life.
  • Play for free on iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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