• Equally supports players that want to solely create or solely play creations
  • Friendly community with a stable population of players which ensures new content on a consistent basis
  • Even the most popular and best crafted worlds can be subject to a buggy and frustrating experience

Kogama offers a social based building experience for your browser or Android device that encourages the player community to create their own virtual worlds to house adventures, games, chat, story and everything in between. Similar to Roblox, Kogama is built on this design your own level principle which are then made accessible to others in the community to experience.


While not as popular as it’s popular rival of Roblox, Kogama has maintained a consistently strong audience of players and creators due in part to its modern framework having released 5 years after Roblox. While Kogama started small and fundamentally as a basic building experience based on predefined objects and various other tools the game has steady expanded creation tools since its 2011 release.

Accordingly modern day Kogama has a wealth of options for creators to take control over and build their gaming visions with popular content covering the likes of racing, FPS, puzzle and fighting genres. This is further reinforced through the popular, featured and trending lists which is the primary method of discovering creations with items not on these lists quickly fading from community engagement and joining the lower ranks of unfinished or buggy game worlds.


Like other creator based games the popular creations are constantly changing and evolving with time as new ideas become popular amongst the community of mostly children and teenagers. Fundamentally this is the intended audience of Kogama and evident from the list of features and restrictions that Kogama offers such as limiting communication to registered users which is paired with a robust content filter. Beyond security of the online environment though Kogama also sells itself as an attractive gaming alternative to parents emphasising its learning and development potential to improve logic, team building, money management and most notably creativity.


Creators only make up a small subset of the total community though with the remaining Kogama users being solely focused on enjoy the creations and providing feedback, suggestions and bug reports to the applicable creator. Your character between these individual worlds and games is consistent with appearance customisation being an important pillar to the Kogama experience and features a similar creator community for avatar items that can be traded through the game marketplace. A small segment of this visual customisation marketplace is limited to paying players though who for real money are rewarded with the coveted Gold Cubes for special items.

Regardless of your preference (building or playing) you will find Kogama an enjoyable and safe experience free from restrictions that you can either explore by yourself or with some friends (new or old).


  • A social building game that lets players create their own levels to share with the community.
  • Designed to be safe and friendly for a young child to teenage audience.
  • Play a large selection of games from multiple genres such as arcade, racing, shooting, RPG and adventure.
  • Supported for browser and Android gameplay.
  • Active community creating hundreds of new game experiences on a regular basis.



Review Platform: Browser

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