Lady Popular

  • Thousands of items available with clothing, furniture, pets and beauty styles with further variety added by dozens of colour options
  • Freedom to focus on the activities that interest you most be it building a dream apartment, creating outfits or fashion arena statistics
  • While the energy system is fair for the majority of the game at higher levels the progress curve dramatically slows down

Lady Popular gives you complete control of your own life as you battle it out in the fashion arena, decorate your apartment, juggle a boyfriend and more in the browser based game for young girls and boys. Available in either your browser (or one of the available mobile apps) you’ll be surprised by just how much depth Lady Popular holds behind it’s basic presentation and interface which hide a wealth of fun and gameplay.

Players start out their Lady Popular journey by creating an in game avatar which will serve as their presence in the virtual fashion arena of Lady Popular. Choices when creating your avatar include eyes, lips, hair style and skin colour which while basic are built on as you progress through the Lady Popular world allowing you to further customise your avatar with the levels and money gained through gameplay translating into the shopping portion of the online game.


Before this world of Lady Popular opens up to free exploration you’ll use your avatar to advance through the in depth game tutorial which introduces the range of mechanics on offer. Holding your hand is Emma, a highly fashionable friend who contacts players through their personal phone at the top of the game menu.

This includes exploring the city which has its own disco venue, fashion arena, mall, beauty salon, furniture store, pet shop and carnival. Your first stop on this tutorial is the beauty salon where you’ll be able to change your hairstyle only a few minutes after selecting it with a choice of over 50 hairstyles amongst another dozen extension styles and a further dozen colours. The beauty salon is also the home of make-up, tattoos, piercings and tans with a well rounded number of selections to enable you to create that customised perfect look.

After exploring the wealth of hairstyles it is straight to the mall with Emma your tutorial guide where you’ll shop at the Colors store which offers a range of basic free items. In total there are 14 stores that unlock as you level up offering different styles with names such as A to Z, Connections, Urban, Chic&Co and Lady’s Secret the ultimate store which is available at game level 22.

These stores are more than just a way to spend your in game cash though as each purchase also comes with a reward of fashion points that have popularity improving qualities across six categories that tie into the core Fashion Arena mechanic of Lady Popular. These popularity categories include style, creativity, devotion, beauty, generosity and loyalty which are increased with the aforementioned fashion points, directly with game dollars or through side activities such as your club, bonuses or your boyfriend.


With shopping complete it’s time to visit “My Place” where is your avatars own high rise apartment where you can mix and match your purchased items to create an entire outfit. Lady Popular allows you to save up to 30 outfits to allow you to easily swap between your favourite looks with a single press.

With your ideal look finished its off to the Fashion Arena for your first fashion challenge against another player. Fashion arena battles are the heart of Lady Popular with battles favouring the fashion star with the highest popularity statistics. However, there is a random element at play here with Lady Popular having 3 battle rounds that each call on 3 randomly selected qualities potentially allowing you to beat out an opponent who doesn’t have balanced statistics. These battles are also one of the few activities in the game that use the energy system (1 per battle) which recharge on a 15 minute game cycle.

Winning awards both dollars and experience which is where the game loop of Lady Popular lies as you take the currency from fashion arena battles to extend your wardrobe and ultimately popularity statistics to allow you to search for tougher fashion opponents.


Outside of this core gameplay loop Lady Popular features a range of side activities that can be explored which includes customising your own home with unique furniture, taking care of a pet, managing a relationship with your boyfriend or even earning extra money through real estate and a job. With a fairly reasonable energy timer on the primary game dollar earning activity of fashion dollars none of these activities are ever out of reach for long.

With this design Lady Popular is truly a browser based fashion game that lets you set your own goals and objectives. Want to be the best in the fashion arena? Then focus all your money and time into boosting your popularity. Maybe you want to make your dream apartment? Then spend your funds at the furniture store instead. Or maybe you just want to mix and match amazing outfits to create new fashions? Spend hours in the mall picking that perfect style and colour.


  • Free browser based game with iOS and Android versions that allow you compete in the Fashion Arena against other players.
  • Develop your popularity score by purchasing clothes, altering your look in the beauty salon and other in game actions.
  • Customise your own apartment and care for your dream pet.
  • Earn extra money and experience by working a job to unlock new customisation items.
  • Join Lady Clubs (guilds) or select your dream boyfriend for social engagement.



Review Platform: Browser

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