Last Chaos

  • Large number of quests – Skill animations – Depth of mechanics
  • Lots of generic elements

Last Chaos is one of the many free to play role playing games available, it’s been around since 2006 making it one of the longer running games in a competitive industry. The fact that it still has a solid community after all these years with the increasing amount of competition in this space is a real testament to the quality of the game.


It’s got a fairly standard story behind it and has you running around the fantasy land of Iris that is plagued by war (and chaos) between various Gods. You join the mortals who have had enough of these endless wars and are looking to claim their own piece of this world, the few alliances that do come about for this goal though are anything but stable.

Everything you want in a MMORPG is available in Last Chaos with hundreds of quests to fill your days, crafting systems to explore, pets to help you in battle and plenty of large scale PvP opportunities.

The biggest appeals to the game are definitely the combat animations, higher level cap than most games and the design of the skill system. This skill system manages to find that fine balance between simple to understand and deep while not pigeon holing you into a small number of skills to be effective.


While the graphics were great for the day they’re about average now in comparison to new releases which is simply another testament to the quality of this game on release and why it’s lasted this long.

Last Chaos has all the features you need to be entertained long term in a MMORPG, it doesn’t bring much innovation to the genre but that hasn’t stopped it from staying one of the top options for many years.


  • A long running game in the MMORPG space.
  • Has all the features you want.
  • A well put together fantasy world.
  • Graphics that still stand up to more modern alternatives.
  • Free with a reasonably small file size for access.



Review Platform: PC

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