League of Legends

  • Champion choice and design is one of the best in the MOBA genre
  • Customise your champion playstyle both in and outside the Summoner's Rift
  • Still haven't solved the problem of a bad community and providing a consistent alternative to the core game mode

League of Legends (LoL) is the king of the MOBA genre, growing rapidly from a release in 2009 to become one of the most popular and widely known in the genre. While not the original game in this genre it has stayed true to the original DotA formula as it continues to command a healthy portion of the MOBA player base and an active eSports league.


The success of the League of Legends franchise has also pushed the game into alternative forms of media that have explored individual stories of the champions at your command. Set on the planet known as Runeterra the fantasy world combines elements of Lovecraftian horror which is seen throughout the more than 160 champion designs. Customised further from their base form with a huge array of visual skins all players will find a character that they can call their own.

While champions are critical to gameplay the foundation of any MOBA title is the maps and game modes available which in League of Legends is primarily the Summoner’s Rift that features traditional 5v5 champion combat across three different lanes. With these lanes both having defensive tower placements on the pathway to your ultimate goal of the enemy base players will utilise their champion abilities to support the endless stream of minions coming from your own base of operations.


In between these lanes players will also find a winding jungle pathway that hides boss monsters, neutral monsters and potential avenues to disrupt enemies. From time to time League of Legends has also experimented with alternative game modes and maps although none are yet to survive the test of time as the standard 5v5 mode.

The avatar you’ll control for individual matches is one of the over 160 champions that come with diverse designs and equally diverse abilities to fill roles like assassin, fighter, mage, marksmen, support and tank. The majority of these follow a familiar one passive, three active abilities and an ultimate ability to create a champion kit that serves to focus your playstyle. From the fast and colourful Ahri who charms her foes while rushing around the battlefield to the sad mummy Amumu who cries tears of despair damage and wraps up his enemies so they can’t escape all of the champions are fantastically designed and regularly balanced.


Progression of these champion abilities occurs slowly throughout a match with gold and experience earned for your objectives, minion kills and enemies slain to provide a steady and repeatable curve of progression within each match. Notably League of Legends also offers out of game tweaks to character power with a rune system for minor and major gameplay differences to be available between players.


  • One of the leaders in the MOBA genre with a consistent path cycle and living eSports scene.
  • Over 160 different champions with their own designs, skills and playstyle to try and master.
  • Diverse number of items to spend your gold during each match to customise your progression.
  • Use runes to take customisation one step further as you tweak your favourite character for your preferred playstyle.
  • Focus on the core 5v5 mode while offering additional content and game modes from time to time.



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  1. Not only is this the most popular MOBA game. Its the most popular game in the world.

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