Legend of Grimrock

  • Puzzles – Plays like an old school RPG – Support for user created dungeons
  • Controls take some time to learn

Legend of Grimrock takes inspiration from the games of old and brings them into the modern day with a grid based dungeon crawler. The game is very impressive and even more so when you learn that it was developed by just a four person indie team.


The plot in the game is a simple one but provides enough background to your adventure and slowly becomes more complex and intriguing as you continue through the game. You’ll play the role of a four prison party that is set to MountGrimrock for your crimes. This is said to absolve your sins although no prisoner has ever returned from the trials that await them in MountGrimrock.

In MountGrimrock players will find a large dungeon waiting to be explored, filled with puzzles, mystery and enemies. Starting from the very top level you’ll adventure down in hope of a way out.

The dungeon layout uses a grid setup that was popular in early action RPGs, players will move their party in a first person perspective and occupy a square of this grid with each movement. Players are given a huge amount of control over their party members with four different races, three classes and plenty of traits to choose from. You’ll also have the opportunity to equip items you find along the way and level up skills.

While your goal is to reach the bottom of the Grimrock dungeon players are free to engage in optional puzzles that are scattered around the place. These puzzles grow increasingly difficult to solve and come with very little direction from the game. If you are able to overcome these puzzles you’ll be rewarded with some of the better items in the game.


You can even take the challenge that the game offers a step further by turning off the map in old school mode where you’ll have to remember the dungeon layout yourself.

Legend of Grimrock doesn’t hold back with a high difficulty level that is sure to keep you entertained. With support for custom made dungeons you’ll get even more gameplay hours from making your own brutal dungeon or playing through other player creations.


  • An indie game based on the old action role playing games.
  • Tough puzzles will keep you on your toes.
  • Create your party of four prisoners to tackle the depths of the Grimrock dungeon.
  • Design your own dungeons or play user created adventures.
  • Beautiful dungeon with plenty of secrets waiting to be found.



Review Platform: PC

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