Legendary Heroes

  • Offers offline campaign style content that draws inspiration from the MOBA genre
  • Good hero variety with 10 core heroes pulling from familiar archetypes that are each equipped for 4 skills
  • Weak control schemes on mobile devices can make it difficult to achieve your goals
  • Grindy focused gameplay to upgrade heroes as you progress

Legendary Heroes is a free to play mobile based MOBA experience available on the iOS and Android platforms which later expanded to Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms as a paid title. Opting to focus on quick 3v3 battles and bring the popular MOBA genre to a primarily mobile audience the title includes offline single player campaign content that allows players to access their favourite strategy game genre without considering monthly data limitations. While Legendary Heroes is far from the fully fledged experiences of the large developed MOBAs it aims to feel a gap on the mobile market which is yet to receive a proper full scale mobile MOBA experience.


Legendary Heroes like many in the MOBA genre establishes a world where battles against fantasy characters are relentless and provide the multiplayer and single player structure for your arena battles. Legendary Heroes markets itself as an action real time strategy game (ARTS) that has many comparisons to the MOBA genre with the minions, lanes and battles against other hero characters.

Fundamentally players create their team of 3 heroes and take them to the battlefield against the AI as you attempt to break into their base and claim victory in the campaign modes. The campaign accordingly also has great length and packs a bunch of challenges to keep the game from getting repetitive too quickly which in turn unlocks new tools for strategy.


These campaign modes are particularly notable for the offline single player experience that it brings to the MOBA genre and 30 different maps that feature similar but varied structures. During each of these campaign game modes players can swap between the three heroes that you’ve chosen which means you’ve got good gameplay variety within each game as you swap between your damage focused heroes, supports and durable fighters depending on where and what objective you wish to push.

This also means there is also some great strategy in choosing a team of heroes that work well together rather than relying on other players to choose a team with synergy as you would in a multiplayer MOBA design. Each hero is armed with 4 unique abilities that allow you to boost your speed, attack in a wide arc around you or heal any lost health. In total you’ll play as 10 familiar hero archetypes which create a total of 40 skills to utilise.


As you play your characters will gain levels which allows you to upgrade one of the four unique skills that each character posses. Depending on which skill you choose to max first you can seriously alter the role of your hero which only adds to the strategic depth in each game experience.


  • 10 characters with familiar designs and 4 abilities to command.
  • Large amount of map variety across the campaign content.
  • Create your perfect team of 3 heroes and swap between them during the game to achieve objectives.
  • Free to play on iOS and Android devices with paid variants on Switch and Windows.
  • Offers a 3v3 MOBA inspired experience in a single player setting through offline MOBA gameplay.



Review Platform: Android

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