Life Quest 2

  • Hides plenty of depth and choice under the first layer of gameplay to explore and try different strategies
  • Light hearted design that doesn't take the challenges of life too seriously
  • Not suited too long sessions with unchanged objectives between playthroughs
  • Lack of updates has broken the game on some system configurations

Life Quest 2 has you moving into Metropoville as you take a 12 step journey to the ultimate balanced and rewarding life that would be difficult to achieve in the real world. The virtual world of Life Quest 2 however is the perfect option to explore areas of living you might not have the opportunity to experience otherwise. Ultimately, Life Quest 2 is a unique mixture between strategy and life simulation that has you ultimately shooting to move up the social ladder as you attack life quest challenges across finance, medicine, fitness, athletic, academics, practicality, startup, toys, law, popularity and leisure in just 100 days.


The decisions that Life Quest 2 will pose to players are very reminiscent to those that will you face in real life such as career options, pets, romance, possessions and much more with mechanics similar to the original Life Quest for those that have played the first title in the franchise.

These multiple paths that you can take in the game ensure it’s an adventure that you’ll repeat many times without getting bored and when combined with the hefty objectives your chasing which alone will take several playthroughs to conquer the value for money in Life Quest 2 is fairly evident.


At the start of your adventure players will customise a character that is fleeing from their past in order to start a fresh life in the town of Metropoville, this is where the 12 step program to a perfect life comes into play as you balance progress with the amount of available time (100 days) across the aforementioned life categories. While some of these have clear overlap such as fitness and athletic that can be worked towards in similar manners challenges such as medicine and toys couldn’t be further from each other.

On the surface the gameplay is very light-hearted with bright colours and a whole range of unique and often eccentric characters to meet throughout your adventure and central to improving your stats. Go a little deeper though and you’ll quickly realise the game has much more strategy than originally meets the eye which provides that motivation to explore all available options to achieve your goals.


With each game playing out over 100 game days time is your greatest enemy Life Quest 2 making every decision a trade off. Ideally players will complete all 12 life goals during these 100 days but with this unlikely in your first handful of playthroughs Life Quest 2 provides a game ending scoring system to demonstrate players progress between attempts.

For those that want to manage their own virtual life Life Quest 2 has many strong points, most notably the depth of strategy that the game has beneath the initial surface. The only real negative is the game sometimes mimic life too closely where you’ll do nothing for a few days but get up and go to work in order to make your next vital purchase which also quickly eats up your limited number of days.


  • A mixture of strategy, turn-based gameplay and life simulation with multiple playthroughs.
  • Attempt to fulfil the 12 life quests in 100 days of life management.
  • Compare your score to others and yourself as you slowly improve your strategy between attempts.
  • Packed with content such as romance, careers, vehicles, vacations, stock market and much more to replicate the real world.
  • Play on Windows, Mac and Android.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. I liked the games simple design plus there is a free trial available

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