• Multiple endings – Ability to jump back to certain points – Writing and atmosphere
  • Slow pace isn't for all

Experience an interesting and unique storytelling adventure in Lifeline… a game that has you responding to a seemingly real person on the other side of your phone. As a solely text based game players will explore the story of Taylor as they help them survive a ship crash with branching story lines based on two decisions at any time.


While the lack of graphics may not sound appealing on first glance once you find yourself in the game and realise that Dave Justus (writer on The Wolf Among Us) is behind the creativity team you’ll quickly be hooked on the writing and storytelling on offer. The most unique of these is the timed elements of the game that see you waiting on the main character Taylor to contact you which occurs at predetermined intervals.

This is no freemium title that requires you to purchase gems to speed up gameplay though, this is used as a game feature to build suspense, maintain tension and give the game that added dose of realism that you would have if found in this situation in real life.


This situation sees Taylor reaching out to the player after crash landing on a distant and unknown moon. Somehow on top of being the only survivor Taylor has the technology knowledge to build a transmission device to be able to get in contact with just one person. As the lucky person in contact with Taylor you’ll have the agonising job of helping them survive and waiting for contact over sometimes hours. Notice the word “them” above as the gender of Taylor is never reveled to the player which helps you create a connection and image of Taylor in your own mind.

Actual gameplay when you do hear from Taylor is all about selecting choices which range from having no impact, to little impact or massive impact. The large impact decisions in particular drive you towards one of the possible game endings, most of which end in Taylor’s demise. When the game is completed (approximately 3 days depending on how active you are) you’ll be able to rewind the entire story or to certain points to experience the whole game.


  • A thrilling and engaging mobile title.
  • Explore the story of a crashed person in real time.
  • Multiple endings based on your decisions.
  • Restart the game to a previous point once finished.
  • Enjoy the adventure on iOS or Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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