Limbs Repair Station

  • Free to play browser based experience
  • Unique setting that combines basic tasks with a science fiction limp repair station
  • Limited depth and replay value with players having seen everything within a few hours

What would happen if you took the mechanics from Papers, Please but added a science fiction element and limbs to the equation? The result would be Limbs Repair Station, a game about repairing futuristic hands for customers based on their needs that requires players to follow a strict protocol of processes if they wish to keep their job and be paid.


This simple free to play browser title has a large amount of depth to every single customer visit and can prove tricky even for a veteran player of similar job and rule themed games. It doesn’t have the additional features and same depth as a fully fledged title in the genre but can still rack up a few hours of play with some surprises along the way. The browser based nature of Limbs Repair Station also keeps it highly accessible which is another advantage to the simple but enjoyable challenges.

To assist with your upcoming hand repair players are provided with a manual that details everything which you’ll slowly have to master for the title of lead repair person. Additionally players are provided a practice hand to take apart to learn all the inner workings of these robotic marvels of technology as part of the initial game tutorial. Each hand comes with a cover (various skin colours), a red board that houses the resistor, CPU and barcode. A final board underneath the red board also houses the capacitor and the five fingers to ensure a full hand with all of these components are screwed or soldered onto their respective boards and replaceable.


This replaceable nature of these robotic limbs is where each hand repair starts with players being provided with a client data card which summarises any of the persons important details and a warranty card. Your first step from this point is to generally confirm their warranty details which involves a mixture of checking that it hasn’t expired, is from a support seller and the barcode on the hand matches that on the warranty slip.

Once players has verified that information they can move onto the bulk of the repair work which is meeting the client requirements. While simple customers will merely need a repair which involves finding the broken component and swapping it for a new one the complex customers will have unique combinations of changes that are required.


These more complex customers will have particular jobs such as detective, doctor, guard, miner, spy and many others. Each of these occupations has a precision and/or grip requirement along with special parts that can replace fingers that help them perform that job. Precision and grip are modified by the resistor and CPU type and thus need to be mixed and matched appropriately to find the combination that meets the specific needs of the client. Regardless of the difficulty level of repair you’ll need to consider your manual and carefully complete the task as failure will not prove rewarding for your pocket or game progression.

Speed is also an important as while all of the above are easy to complete if you take your time players will need to complete each as fast as possible to see how many repairs they can successfully complete in a single game day.


  • Repair hands for customers in this sci-fi browser based title.
  • Combine the necessary components and tools to meet requirements based on the clients job or other specific needs.
  • Check for valid warranty information before performing repairs.
  • Follow your instruction manual to the letter with pace to advance each day.
  • Free browser game with Papers, Please task style gameplay.



Review Platform: Browser

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