• Playable in your browser while retaining the full array of genre features including unit variety and shortcuts
  • Map and AI editor allows players to contribute to the community in various ways
  • Small community makes multiplayer difficult without organisation ahead of time

Littlewargame is a simple but addicting browser based adventure in the real time strategy game genre that creates an accessible experience with minimal fuss. While basic in core design Littlewargame offers all the necessary features to enable you to play games against the computer, friends or strangers. With a surprising array of features and regular updates this is the perfect title for accessible RTS gameplay that is always available if you have an internet connection.


Littlewargame allows players to get into games quickly with guest accounts as the foundation of the matchmaking although players can easily register for stat tracking and various website based rewards. Regardless of your approach game modes include standard play, play vs CPU and ranked matches which each support up to 4 players. Across a wealth of different map types and styles that are well designed for 1v1, 2v2 and free for all engagements you’ll face off against your selected opponent. This large map variety and general gameplay setup choice ensures you won’t be running out of options anytime soon regardless of your preferences in Littlewargame while also providing plenty of methods to ease yourself into the community.

While you’ll definitely get a greater challenge from playing against another player the CPU AI is sufficient enough to give you some initial challenges and serve as an extended tutorial. Interestingly Littlewargame also allows players to load their own custom AI which provides a different avenue to altering difficulty for yourself or the community. If coding isn’t for you then there is still plenty of opportunity to contribute to the community through the map editor that lets you create your own maps and make them available to others to contribute to the Littlewargame game infrastructure.


Customisation aside for gameplay you’ll find that each game in Littlewargame has you starting out with a castle and several workers in a standard RTS fashion from which your economy and army develops. From this starting point you’ll need to send your workers out to collect gold and eventually take out your opponents by researching stronger technologies, creating an army of different and controlling the map.

This process has a familiar flow and it surprisingly all of the usual RTS controls and shortcuts to make it an easy process. From being able to queue your original workers (or other units) from the respective buildings to the shortcut keys for essentially all game actions to having worker construct something and then issue them a second command for when they complete the building with the shift key. While these mechanics won’t be anything new to a gamer with some RTS experience under their belt it all comes with a unique charm and runs extremely smoothly for a browser based RTS.


For a browser game the strategy depth in Littlewargame is quite good and likely to surprise players as to how much exists as you advance to higher army tiers. You’ll find yourself mixing units like the soldier, priest, rifleman, mage, catapult and even dragons while upgrading their damage and defences to suit your grand strategy. Broadly you’ll find that these units split themselves across human, beast and mechanical which can all be upgraded in some form with their own specific battle usage.

It might not rival the depth of a full blown game but it’s more than enough to keep you interested and you’ll no doubt see more units added over time as the game has a good track record of updates. Littlewargame is a little gem that is perfectly suited to players wanting both a quick or longer term RTS fix.


  • Free to play browser based real time strategy game with all the bells and whistles of the larger titles in the genre.
  • Supports up to 4 players in each game with a mixture of real players or computer AI
  • Hundreds of maps to try or create your own in the map editor to share with the community.
  • Constant updates which continue to grow the game units and broader game features.
  • Good level of strategic depth with players able to command human, beast and mechanical units.



Review Platform: Browser

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  1. Relly awesome game. Just played like 2 hours and just cant stop :)

  2. Theyve been constantly developing the game. Its now 6 players in multiplayer, plus the community aint that small anymore, so its easy to find multiplayer games. They also got a ton of other new features.

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