Lords of The Fallen

  • Enjoyable combat – Plenty of loot
  • Feels too easy – Story just never reaches potential

Set in a dark and gritty game world Lords of The Fallen brings hardcore action role playing to the latest generation of consoles with a rich fantasy. Explore both the human and demonic worlds in this richly diverse game world.


Set in a world where the Gods have all but abandoned the human race players will assume the role of Harkyn who stands against the approaching supernatural force to give mankind hope once more. With one of the richest game worlds released this year your adventure as Harkyn is filled with decisions, discovery and combat.

Lords of The Fallen walks the lines between complex and fast paced which keeps the devastating melee combat enjoyable from the start of your journey to the end. It’s a very equipment focused adventure though with each piece having a direct impact on your speed, damage and style of attack. For those that prefer to target their enemies from a distance Lords of The Fallen has a several devastating magic powers previously forbidden that can put the hurt on any foe that you encounter.

The story is mostly linear with a few options for exploration outside of the main story line but these are few and far between. This is particularly disappointing given that most parts of the world are beautifully designed and it would have been interesting to see more of this world design.


In terms of combat design the game feels similar to Dark Souls (although less brutal) with a mixture of Ryse: Son of Rome also present. Relying on blocking and rolling is an essential part of the Lords of the Fallen combat especially when you come up against some of the more interesting enemies that breathe fire or spew venom in your direction. For every foe that you do take down you’ll be rewarded with randomised loot to take your killing ability to the next level again and again.

Lords of the Fallen is entertaining and brutal although does have a tendency to give you too much power too soon which reduces some of the risk in combat. As an easier alternative to Dark Souls though it’s perfectly suited.


  • Hack and slash gameplay in a brutal game world.
  • Use an array of spells, deadly weapons and hulking armour.
  • Interesting game world filled with personality.
  • Randomised loot always has you upgrading your equipment.
  • Play on Windows, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.



Review Platform: PC

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