Lords of The Fallen

  • Three diverse base class archetypes with branching variants that let you create your own playstyle and further enhance them with equipment
  • Graphics and locations look impressive as you swing the weight of your weapons around
  • Lacks some polish in controls and enemy design that may lead to some frustrating game deaths
  • Requires a reasonable amount of world backtracking that doesn't significantly add to the adventure

Set in a dark and gritty game world Lords of The Fallen brings hardcore action role playing to the latest generation of consoles with a rich fantasy story. Explore both the human and demonic worlds in this richly diverse title for Windows and consoles. Note an iOS and Android spin-off is available that features similar mechanics although is closer to an arena RPG than the full Lords of The Fallen experience.


Set in a world where the Gods have all but abandoned the human race players will assume the role of Harkyn who stands against the approaching supernatural force to give mankind hope again. With one of the richest game worlds released in its era your adventure as Harkyn is filled with decisions, discovery and combat. While the world of Lords of The Fallen used to be ruled by the evil god Adyr they were defeated by three heroes who upon their victory elevated themselves to demigods and imposed a harsh rule on the world where every single sin is punished no matter how small.

With Harkyn previously having lived a life of sin your convicted criminal main character wears these on his face in the form of tattooed runes that let everyone know your past instantly. Released from prison to assist in an invading force of Adyr minions that seemingly come from no where the human race is at risk again of falling into the hands of evilness. Fighting in both the human realm and the demonic realm of Rhogar you’ll be joined by an explorer Yetka on your path which ultimately gives you the option to decide the fate of the future.


Lords of The Fallen walks the lines between complex and fast paced which keeps the devastating melee combat enjoyable from the start of your journey until the end. It’s an equipment focused adventure though with each piece having a direct impact on your speed, damage and style of attack that lets you mix and match to your style.

This is materially impacted by your choice of starting class as well which is a combination of the magic type you select and starting equipment which are based on the warrior, rogue and cleric archetypes that were the three heroes which originally defeated evil. In total you have 9 classes that specialise in brawling, deception or solace magic which forms the fundamental playstyle of your class. Brawling for example lets players create a clone to attract enemies and restore health, activate rage which boosts damage for a time and ram that lets you charge straight into the fray while knocking down enemies.


Supported with attributes that increase as you progress and further tweak your base class players will also find equipment across armour, weapons, shield, gauntlets and trinkets that can be upgraded. In terms of combat design the game feels similar to Dark Souls (although less brutal) with a mixture of Ryse: Son of Rome also present. Relying on blocking and rolling is an essential part of the Lords of the Fallen combat especially when you come up against some of the more interesting enemies that breathe fire or spew venom in your direction.


  • Hack and slash gameplay in a brutal game world as one of 9 core classes that let you decide how you approach combat.
  • Use an array of spells, deadly weapons and equipment to customise Harkyn further as you hunt for the right piece for your build.
  • Interesting game world filled with personality that has you move between human and demonic realms.
  • Large scale boss battles that require you to carefully manage your attack, defence and dodge to succeed.
  • Play on Windows, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 (note there is an iOS/Android spin off arena fighter title)



Review Platform: PC

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