Lost Odyssey

  • Fantastic tactical combat mechanics with frontline and backline roles alongside an active ring system
  • Visually impressive world with a well written story that blends industrial revolutions with magic
  • Some design choices hurt the game flow including long battle intro sequences and large load times on the original Xbox 360

Lost Odyssey brings an impressive Japanese role playing experience similar to that of the acclaimed Final Fantasy series to the Xbox 360 (and later other Xbox platforms). Released in 2008 with development being headed by none other than an original creator of the Final Fantasy series (Hironobu Sakaguchi) players will step into a diverse fantasy world and attempt to save it from a dark fate.


The setting for this adventure is one that blends magical and the industrial revolution with the power of magic significantly increasing over the past few decades that has both helped and hurt the growing society. While this burst in magical power has resulted in the creating of many industrial tools like lighting, cars, communication and even robots that are fuelled by magic engine devices it has also split society into two factions that have developed powerful weapons. These factions known as the kingdom of Gohtza and the Republic of Uhr are now in an arms race to protect their own interests with a third neutral nation (Free Ocean State of Numara) also being entangled.

In Lost Odyssey you enter this world as as Kaim as he attempts to connect with others that have lost their memories after a meteor landing wipes out a large number of forces from both nations. Referred to as immortals this group is now unable to die which also serves as a key mechanic of the game combat as you explore the expansive game world that provides plenty of exploration freedom. Ultimately your goal as Kaim is to recover your memories which leads to a deeper storyline that extends beyond what you might originally imagine.


A staple of this exploration is the combat encounters of Lost Odyssey which utilise a turn based battle system akin to other JRPGs. These combat encounters primarily occur randomly while moving throughout a wild game area and separated from the broader overworld map where you can move between key locations, towns and other friendly stopovers where you can recover your team. Said team is made up of a mixture of up to 5 characters you encounter along your adventure with a mixture of immortal and mortal characters. As you would expect each has their own archetype and statistics across HP, MP, strength, vitality, attack and defence along with options to customise skills and weapons to your liking.

This mixture of immortals and mortals also results in a fairly forgiving experience in Lost Odyssey as immortals can revive during battle and you’ll only reach game over if every party member is downed. When a battle begins players will have to factor in their units initiative and planned action which dictate how the turn plays out. At a basic level this sees items being used instantly, melee attacks occurring on the same turn and your special abilities or spells taking place sometime in the future.


Other notable combat mechanics that enhance strategy further include a defensive wall that reduces the damage your backline heroes take for you and your opponent. Players also have an active role to play in melee attacks with a ring system that serves as a quick time event and allows players to deal additional effects based on the crafted or purchased rings of that character.


  • Over 45hrs of gameplay with a large world of magic and story to uncover along the way.
  • Develop your ideal party from 5 immortals and immortals with their own skills and role (frontline or backline) for the tactical turn based combat.
  • Unique ring system to add another strategic layer to gameplay and giving players some control over the battle outcome.
  • From the same mind that contributed to the original Final Fantasy ensures a high quality JRPG adventure.
  • Originally for Xbox 360 and now available for modern Xbox consoles.



Review Platform: Xbox 360

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