Love and Order

  • Realistic office like setting adds an element of realism to the simulation experience
  • Multiple romances to pursue enhances gameplay depth and adds replay value
  • Management aspects can be overwhelming even to experienced gamers in this space and some seem unnecessary or tedious
  • Elements feel rushed and unpolished such as the grindy gameplay loop that doesn't even guarantee success

Love and Order mixes dating and mystery into an enjoyable visual novel that also touches on elements from the simulation genre. Developed by Winter Wolves who are well regarded for their releases in this genre Love and Order was released in 2011 and available across several platforms consistent with their other titles.


Love and Order is set within the small district of Montreal and uses the offices of the Crown Attorney authority for the majority of gameplay. This Crown Attorney relies heavily on its lawyers to ensure the law is upheld and is supported by a single secretary which is the role that the player assumes during the game.

The secretary that players play as in Love and Order is locked in as Dana Larose who is a new but upcoming secretary and looking to ensure she can excel and step up in her career path in the Crown Attorney’s office. With limited staff and a huge workload your helpful secretary services are in high demand but it’s ultimately up to the player where they commit themselves and ties in closely with the other romantic elements that Love and Order features.


While challenging you to juggle the high workload of a realistic and plausible office environment Love and Order also exposes players to an underlying hidden mystery related to the office and has potential paths for love in the office to be explored. This is where the simulation and management side of Love and Order is most prominent as players balance their limited time and energy effectively to prevent stress from reaching excessive levels while achieving everything they set out to do.

In total Love and Order keeps the pool of potential partners fairly small at 4 characters which allows each to feel like complete characters within the story and ensure the path to dating is a longer experience as players slowly build a working relationship with each. Potential options include your boss Ross Kim, a third year law student by the name of Jonathon Nyugen and the assistant attorneys Pierre Martine and Dorothy McCoy. With their own roles to play in the legal system of Love and Order each is a unique and different adventure which ensures replayability is an option and strongly encouraged.


Overall the pacing of Love and Order is slower than other dating simulation games because of the blend of office work management and relationships. While this adds to the realism of the legal based setting some of the mechanics do feel somewhat unnecessary and tedious to engage with constantly and potentially take the simulation elements too far depending on your own preferences.

Accordingly it is clear that Love and Order is designed more a whole life simulation experience rather than your standard visual novel or otome game that leans more heavy to the romance side of gameplay and important for players to contrast against their own preferences before opting into the secretary role of Dana Lorse.


  • Unique office setting appropriately captures office working and offers something different to the genre.
  • A wealth of management and simulation aspects to manage and optimise your life as secretary.
  • 4 different co-workers to pursue with their own backgrounds and role in your day to day life.
  • Requires careful balance between the stress of a busy office job with finding a romantic partner.
  • Slower pacing allows for methodical decision making.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. i would like to know if this is good game or not

  2. What idiot thought it was a good idea for the character to start screwing up with a stress level of only NINE PERCENT?

  3. The game ends abruptly after around 100 days. NOWHERE DOES IT SAY THAT WILL HAPPEN. USELESS TIME WASTING WINTERWOLVES.

  4. how i can play this games in official site

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