Lucent Heart

  • Anime art style with a detailed game world of locations and diverse activities
  • Zodiac symbol system allows for your class to be different to other players of the same class
  • Dwindling community of active players limits your ability to fully engage in the social mechanics that make Lucent Heart a unique MMO

Lucent Heart is a free to play anime inspired MMO that combines astrology and dating together to create an in-depth match making system within the game. Encouraging you to build relationships with other players and find that special one the game blends traditional MMO features with a sense of community into a single adventure for your PC. Combining these unique relationship focused features with the core MMO features of the genre like dungeons, monster slaying, professions, questing and PvP Lucent Heart attempts to offer it all and set itself apart in the saturated game genre.


Entering into this unique MMO world you’ll start as a beginner who can later advance to a mage or warrior at level 4 with further splits from these basic classes for specialisation. On the mage pathway at level 10 you’ll progress to either the wizard or priest which themselves split into two more options respectively for the ultimate class evolution at level 36. On the warrior side you’ll find a similar class tree with advancements to knight and gunner before similarly splitting into two variants once again.

Each character branch has all sorts of active flashy skills and abilities for you to pull out in battle against the many unique foes that you’ll encounter. The comet marksman in the warrior path for example can stun enemies with a short ranged stun shot, a high damage bullseye attack and a tranquilizer ability to put the target to sleep for a significant period of time. This is in stark contrast to the galaxy sage on the mage pathway though who can call on literal storm attacks with the tempest, Athena’s spear and Tataleah’s meteor while pairing it with supportive abilities to teammates such as tranquil aura or spiritual sacrifice.


This is just the first layer of your character customisation in Lucent Heart though with your character birthdate selected on character creation imparting a specific zodiac sign that is intended to pair perfectly with specific class options. The Aries star sign for example is ideal for attacking focused classes as it provides you regeneration in battle although lowers it outside of combat while simultaneously lowering your defences so is favoured by the comet marksman and moon flame envoy classes. On the other side of the spectrum is the Cancer star sign that can stop critical damage although slows down casting and attack speed so is favoured by the durable classes of solar guardian and celestial templar.

This zodiac system is further leaned into throughout other game elements beyond character creation in Lucent Heart with particular levels unlocking special armour and strong abilities that are earned through traditional MMO progression. Alongside these primary zodiac mechanics players will have the ability to take on a profession at level 5 and in turn recruit a pet to further enhance your character power. For professions you’ll have tailoring, machine, alchemy, card design, black smith and jewellery that all contribute to the game economy with each specific to particular weapon and armour types. Professions in particular are related to your monster killing activities given they are the primary source for advanced materials.


Lucent Heart builds on this with its array of social mechanics with the cupid system that helps you matchmake with other players and in time even marry without any gender restrictions. Either in the town hubs or the player housing you’ll be able to interact with these community elements which Lucent Heart has designed to stand out from the MMO crowd.


  • Explores the social side of MMO gameplay with a number of unique community features being the focus.
  • Take your beginner through one of the many job pathways that branch from warrior and mage into familiar and fresh archetypes.
  • Create a character with its own birthdate and zodiac sign that adds a layer of customisation on top of your class choice.
  • Community focused experience which combines seamlessly with the core MMO quests, PvP and guild content.
  • Free to play massively multiplayer online game for Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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