• Unique premise – Cut scenes
  • Some murders are difficult to uncover (with no flexibility)

Playing as the son of the devil himself Lucius explores the darker side of gaming with a horror game revolving around stealth and psychological elements.


Stepping into the small shoes of Lucious, a 6 year old boy created by Lucifer your objective is to murder the members of the household. As a young boy you’ll rely on your dark mind control powers and the objects within the house to make each new death seem like an accident. Belonging to a rich family ensures there are plenty of adults around unsuspecting of the dark powers you hold.

Players get their first taste of this in the game tutorial after they lock the maid within the walk in freezer and after the deed is done remove the lock to ensure it looks like an accident. With each deadly circumstance you’ll grow darker and obtain new powers to create more complex and orchestrated attacks.

Along the way players will also uncover more story surrounding Lucius, his family and victims. This advancement requires a keen eye for interactive objects, along with consideration of the habits of your victim. Once you figure it out you’ll recieve a cut scene showing your victims demise along with story advancing elements.


Players have mostly free roam around the mansion to complete their objects with Lucius controlled in a typical mouse and WASD control scheme with items interacted with as necessary along the way.

The dark setting and cut scenes of Lucius will quickly suck you into an interesting game with a number of different ideas. Unfortunately some of the murders can send you around for hours with minimal information to go off and are made exponentially worse by the massive manor grounds.


  • Play as the son of darkness.
  • Murder people around the manor and make it look like an accident.
  • Put together clues of behaviour to uncover the assination method.
  • Use dark powers such as telekenesis.
  • Explore the 3D world with cut scene driven story.



Review Platform: PC

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