Lucky Rabbit Reflex

  • Character development – Large number of endings
  • Story isn't overly strong

Lucky Rabbit Reflex follows a standard otome flow and has you chasing a number of boys while also building a life for yourself and mixing in some life simulation features.


Lucky Rabbit Reflex takes you to Northmain College and puts you into the shoes of a young 17 year old girl who is spending her final year at this new school. This means you’ll have all the final year pressures of achieving good grades but with the added pressure of making new friends and potentially even some romantic ones.

You won’t just be focusing your attention on school though with plenty of opportunities to join school clubs, get a part time job or simply going shopping. Shopping in itself is one of the more in depth activities available and definitely lets you dress to impress with over a hundred different items to wear around the game world.

There are five different men to romance which all have their own unique personalities and preferences so they each feel realistic and have plenty of depth to explore.


These available bachelors include Marius a smart and often sarcastic boy who is very friendly with the player right from the start. Shuppim, who takes on the role of the quiet bachelor and has a love for music. Rhett, that has incredible brains and is on track for a very successful career. Beck, who is the most handsome looking of the available boys and is definitely the ladies’ man in the group. Perth, who gives of a nice guy impression but has something going on behind the scenes.

There is no shortage of choice in Lucky Rabbit Reflex and this means you’ll get to experience nearly 20 different endings. If you want something with good replay value and a huge amount of depth in the characters and dialogue to explore then Lucky Rabbit Reflex should be on the top of your otome game list.


  • Can you survive in a new school for your final year?
  • Good range of bachelors for you to romance.
  • Large number of endings with good variety.
  • Unlock CGs while you play.
  • Available on Windows and Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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