Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times

  • Number of items and activities – Living game world – Fun setting
  • Too similar to Animal Crossing, not offering anything new

Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times will take you on a fantasy adventure that is similar to the Animal Crossing series. The game is known as Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry in Europe.


The game is set in a magical school where the player attempts to master all the spells needed to achieve their magic license and the title of Master Wizard. Joining the player are over 150 other magical students that all have their own distinct looks and personalities.

Players are free to mingle with these other students and develop friendships or romantic relationships while taking them shopping or joining them in one of the many hobby activities that the game has to offer. Hobbies include starting a band to create your own unique sound or taking your romantic partner on a number of fun dates.

These friendships also change the way the game develops as they unlock different adventures and mysteries to solve around the wizard school. Random events will also occur from time to time based on the internal clock.

At the start of your adventure players will have plenty of freedom to design their own custom avatar in the game world. This level of customisation continues through the game as players enhance their character with hundreds of different clothing pieces and accessories that are discovered along the way.


If you have friends that also own Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times then you can connect together using Wi-Fi and enter each other’s games as an exchange student. This will let your friend move into your dorm and perform a number of activities together.

With so many similarities to the popular Animal Crossing series the game is the perfect offering for hardcore Animal Crossing fans that have played the series to death and need something new.


  • A game heavily based on the Animal Crossing games.
  • Explore a magical universe.
  • Learn new spells in order to get your magic license.
  • Over 150 other students join you on your magical journey.
  • Hundreds of different items to customise your character with.



Review Platform: DS

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