• Diverse biome set paired with randomisation ensures each step through the next portal feels unique
  • Simple core framework with plenty of unlockable options to define your own playstyle
  • Reliant on external wiki to fully understand many game mechanics
  • Crafting is a tedious exercise that slows down the otherwise faster paced platforming gameplay

Mixing elements of crafting, rogue-like and platforming together to offer a 2D survival game Magicite is a challenge that can be enjoyed in shorter gameplay bursts and with friends while exploring underground dungeon challenges.


Set in randomly generated dungeons Magicite will have players collecting resources from trees, ores and enemies in order to craft better equipment to survive and advance through the increasing threats that the game world throws at players. Ultimately you end up with a game that falls between Spelunky and Terraria which makes for a potent mixture of genres and fun as you craft, progress and try to survive longer than your past attempts.

Biomes are central to this sense of progression with each having their own unique creatures, obstacles, resources and themes that all are carefully designed. From the basic forest that spawns trees and has basic bees, slimes and spiders to the swamp, cave, dungeon, tundra, volcano and scourge lair that hides the final boss each biome provides a diverse challenge for players to overcome. Magicite splits your adventure between a variety of these biomes with players generally having a few minutes to gather the resources they can before moving on through one of the doors onto the next biome which could also be a town where you can purchase, sell and refine your resources. Like other rouge-like adventures its your knowledge and experience from past attempts that will be your greatest asset as you understand enemy patterns and resources of each biome to optimise a game run.


Before starting your randomised adventure players will have to choose from the 15 different races that each offer their own strengths and starting equipment. Each of these characters are suited to achieving different goals and supporting different playstyles so everyone will have their favourite solo or combo of races to play. While your first run will only have the choice of the peon who comes with a small HP boost, wooden axe and 2 random items players will slowly unlock other options as you complete specific unlock requirements.

For example the dwelf who has high dexterity and a starting bow that has a chance to unlock when you acquire a skill or the orclops that has a lower health pool but higher attack with a starting bone sword that has a chance to unlock if you mine more than 20 ores in a single playthrough. Similarly players will be unlocking hats during a playthrough that can be selected alongside your race to further tweak your playstyle by providing specific bonuses that generally have a chance to activate when you perform a specific action.


Further customisation to your tastes in Magicite comes from companion choices, traits, skills and stats that develop as you progress to push your character to one of the broad groups of warrior (red), mage (blue) and ranger (green). Alongside the core crafting mechanic you’ll always have the next level of power to strive for in Magicite and learning all of the combinations is an important enjoyable part of the journey.


  • Platforming, crafting and rogue-like gameplay that are combined into a single diverse video game challenge.
  • Plenty of customisation to find your ideal playstyle through class, traits and hats.
  • Explore various biomes with their own threats, bosses and rewards.
  • Progress your character through crafting and skills of traditional game archetypes (warrior, mage and ranger).
  • Play on Windows, Linux and Mac alone or co-operatively with friends.



Review Platform: PC

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