Make It Rain: Love of Money

  • Swipe mechanic – Lots of upgrades
  • Lack of boosts – Over monetised

Have you tested your ability to make it rain? That’s exactly what Make It Rain: Love of Money lets you do as you’ll swipe your way to riches and invest wisely to improve on passive earnings.


It’s a simple game that draws a lot of inspiration from the popular clicker genre but changes the core mechanic to swiping dollar bills instead. You’ll then be able to compare the wealth that you generate to your friends on Facebook to prove you’re the make it rain champion.

Starting with absolutely nothing but your ability to swipe (which will earn you a single dollar each time) players will eventually be given a bucket that will let you collect wealth when the app is closed, improve the rate of money you earn per swipe and create some passive investments that continually generate money while you sit back and relax.

These financial investments include piggy banks, savings accounts, bitcoin accounts, stocks, investment banking and software patents with each level of investment generating more money than the level before it. You are allowed to buy multiple investments of a single type but each one will cost an increasing amount of cash but provide the same passive benefit per second thus giving you less return for your dollar.


You’re other passive based option to generate those dollars is the political investments that earn money by the hour although have limited capacity and only work while the app is closed. For those that want to go down a more active path in Make It Rain: Love of Money you can upgrade your business investments instead which give you more money for swipe. All these investments will eventually bring the wrath of the FBI on you though where you’ll have to spin the wheel to decide your fate or use one of your bribes instead.

Make It Rain: Love of Money offers a fun design and something different in the clicker game genre. The lack of boosts though (without friends sending them to you), constant advertisements and reliance on bribes to prevent your assets being stolen (which cost real money) makes it just as money focused as the gameplay.


  • Make it rain.
  • Investment in business, politics and financial to improve your income.
  • Join the leader board to compete with your friends.
  • Avoid FBI investigation to keep your assets.
  • Play for free on Android and iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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