Making History: The Great War

  • Good naval options – WWI setting – Editor
  • Bland unit graphics – A few country imbalances

Making History: The Great War is the first game in the acclaimed Making History franchise to move away from World War II and instead tackle World War I. This rarely touched war from a strategy game stand point now has a quality game that it deserves.


While set within the World War I era this title does let you shape some of the game story and potentially changing the course of history if you choose to do so (and can pull it off). Making History: The Great War achieves this by starting the game within historical starting points but then letting you drive the direction it takes. This journey is one of constantly improving technology and alliances that shift quickly which will ensure those that aren’t proactive in their approach are left behind.

A lot of the content and strategy in Making History: The Great War is centred around warfare with an array of strategies compared to other games. Players can for example undermine their enemies to weaken them through civil wars and coups. Alternatively you can rely on distant bombardments to whittle down entrenched positions before advancing forward, there are also a considerable number of naval options such as blockades and even submarine warfare.

A war cannot be supported without economical prowess though which Making History: The Great War does a good job of balancing, to ensure one cannot succeed without the other. Much of the economics is done through international trade and a focus on ensuring there is sufficient transportation within your provinces. Both of these tie into the democratic portions of the game which involve managing your governments alliances and spheres of influence.


Overall Making History: The Great War is a game of patience and planning with events happening on a regular basis that need to be considered due to their potential ripple effect. A close ally for example might be assassinated and replaced with a less friendly successor which may destroy your current plan in the works. All of these updates are provided at the start of each turn to ensure all current affairs information is provided.

For those that like the warfare strategy games but are growing a little tired of the World War II setting, the World War I setting of Making History: The Great War is a nice breath of fresh air, once you get passed the graphics of course.


  • Explores a World War I era setting.
  • Start from historical points and then drive the story to (potentially) alter history.
  • Use various combat tactics that lean heavily on diplomatic and economic game elements.
  • Consider all the current affairs of the world before making your next move.
  • Multiplayer and scenario sharing supported.



Review Platform: PC

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