Mall World

  • Fun mini games – Store management
  • Needs Facebook friends to also play for best experience

Mall World is a highly popular Facebook game that is all about fashion and being social. The game has plenty of activities for players and is definitely one of the top fashion social games around.


In Mall World players can run their own boutique store by choosing the best stock to sell for a profit and helping your shoppers find their perfect style. Alternatively you can focus on competing in the fashion show against other players that fancy themselves a fashion stylist.

Of course players can also dress themselves up as they fill their closet with thousands of different clothes, hairstyles, makeup, accessories and more.

Most of your time in Mall World will definitely spent looking after your personal store and is a feature that most other games in the genre don’t offer. Having a successful store is extremely important as it serves as the main source of income for players to grow their wardrobe of fashion styles.

Managing a store is no easy task in Mall World as players have to manage all aspects of the store. You’ll have to manage your stock and decide on which items are worth having in your store while also dealing with customers directly to ensure they can find what they are looking for.


You’ll also have to pay for your store space which you can enlarge if you prove yourself a worthy boutique owner. Enlarging and upgrading your store lets you add more clothing racks to sell items and more aesthetic items like plants which improve the experience for your customers.

Mall World’s continued growth and success in a fairly saturated genre is no fluke. The ability to run and manage your own fashion store and then using these funds to grow your own wardrobe definitely puts it ahead of other games.


  • Play Mall World for free on Facebook.
  • Run your own fashion store.
  • Plenty of fashions to sell in your store or wear.
  • Help out your friends and visit their stores.
  • Compete in the fashion show for prizes.



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  1. is mal world available to play other then fb..m not on fb but i love mall world! is thr any othr website or way to play this game….

  2. i think this is boring


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