• Full of content which is appropriately structured to support both new and veteran players of the genre
  • Steady and active community of support which means regular events and friend opportunieis
  • Account upgrades can quickly unbalance the game with a wealth of Account Upgrade (AU) items bestowing strong advantages

MaraPets is an online social game where you’ll adopt your own pet from over two dozen species, play games, complete quests and much more all within your browser. It offers a comparable experience to the popular browser game Neopets and regularly has several hundred players online to befriend and interact with.


MaraPets starts in similar fashion to other browser based pet games with players creating their free account and then adopting their first monster themed pet. There are over two dozen species to choose with basic customisation also available regarding colour, name, weight and height. Like other games in the genre many of these are inspired from real world animals with pets like Addow the monkey, Fasoro the fox, Feliz the bear, Flab the Walrus, Jessup the giraffe, Leido the turtle, Paffuto the shark, Walee the owl and Tantua the lion amongst others.

Once your pet has been created players will have to care for them using the indicators of happiness, hunger and tiredness. Pets may also train at the gym to improve as many as 9 stats, study different subjects and win awards. Like any game in the genre you’ll also find an ample amount of pet dailies to test your luck in as many as two dozen dailies that range from gym training, the strange clock tower, the Eleka Fountain for magic stats to the more relaxed Ferris Wheel that comes with a collectable plate. Conveniently Marapets places all of these on a single daily page and tracks the time until your next opportunity which is a nice touch that surprisingly not many in the genre adopt through an internal means.


This structure also extends to general gameplay with MaraPets offering ample structure with quests and missions guiding new and old players alike with dozens of daily missions most of which revolve around bringing the necessary items to NPCs in order for a reward. Many of these items are randomly given out at free locations such as the worm digging pit which can be accessed by players every few hours. Some of these do require special treasure maps to be completed first which adds another layer of item hunting.

For items that can’t be found randomly through these locations players will have to try their luck at shops and auctions, spending their MP (game currency) to complete the requests. MP can also be earned by submitting scores on a large range of the flash games on MaraPets, taking on jobs or trading on the ever-changing stock market.


MaraPets is the complete package when it comes to online pet games offering all the features of the leader is in this space (such as Neopets). Explore a large world, friendly community, stock market, battle arena, jobs, shops, auctions, clubs, pet olympics and everything in between. With a healthy player base you’re also guaranteed to find a regular series of events to keep you coming back to MaraPets.


  • A high quality browser based pet game with dozens of colourful real world inspired pets to adopt.
  • Care for your pet, train them and compete in battles.
  • Get a job, play flash games or the stock market to earn MP amongst other currencies (BP, RP and AU)
  • Complete quests and missions by hunting for items across the world of MaraPets.
  • Participate in a friendly and decent sized community for the genre.



Review Platform: Browser

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  1. This game owner and his close admins are just a bunch of losers, cheaters, they allow players to break rules (knowing a specific player is a hacker) and they didn’t ban him while they ban many for the smallest mistakes, it’s TOTALLY UNWORTHY.


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