• Great theme shift from others in the genre with spaceflight combining perfectly with first person shooter elements
  • Large pool of classic video game weapons with the ability to mod them to desirable statistics
  • Does little to counter the hardcore design early on to ensure that new players can comfortably enter the game
  • Issues with PvP gameplay from cheaters that have yet to be stamped out

Sending players in the depths of space Marauders is an extraction and looter shooter that explores the science fiction thematic as you pilot your ship and infiltrate other ships for loot. Featuring a familiar PvPvE mixture of gameplay to others in the genre players will fight against both the AI and other players using a number of real world weapons from a decade past as either solo players or squad groups of up to 3.


Exploring an alternative timeline the game is set in the 1990s with the World War never having ended which has resulted in an endless arms race that has eventually taken to the stars as many seek refuge outside of Earth. Accordingly you’ll find a rough setting that shows the age of a near endless war with Marauders describing itself as a gritty diesel punk world.

With space mercenaries now ruling the known space above Earth the war has essentially continued albeit with even less structure and allegiances with many Marauders simply seeking their own survival or forming small groups. Players start on a small light frigate ship which has all of the core space fighting requirements from the cockpit, airlock and escape pods that serve as your rooms to fly, fight and enter into other locations.


From here you’ll fly your ship towards the main raid location of asteroids, space stations and larger frigates that bring players together to fight over the loot inside through their ship airlocks. Uniquely combat also has a smaller role outside of the main raid ship with players able to shoot down other frigates and even breach these ships for direct engagement out in space. With escape gates serving as your exit both your initial entry into raid and extraction from the larger frigates are tense moments.

Like other games in the hardcore extraction loot shooter genre death means losing everything that players have brought with them or acquired during a raid with only successful extraction allowing you to take your loot with you. Alongside this loot that you can store in your stash comes experience that means new items become available to increase your survival chances. Through further weapon modding players can find their ideal loadouts to allow them to stay in raid longer and improve survival rates for a near endless repeating cycle of challenging progression. Weapon types are primarily rifles and submachine guns that players will recognise from other first person shooters with names like the BAR, M16, Thompson, Bren and MG-42 but also includes shotguns, pistols and explosives.


This challenge comes from both the other competing marauders for the same loot, the tight spaces of the raid locations and the hardcore shooter mechanics that means you’ll only be able to absorb a few hits. While there are bandages and armour available players who regularly die without extraction will find even the AI enemies providing geared enemies to take down. With a prestige system allowing players to reset their progression for non combat advantages (like inventory space) there is always a goal for players to chase in Marauders.


  • A science fiction themed title set within an alternative 1990 timeline where the World War never ended.
  • Enter into a region of space with a space station raid area as you fly in and out of the extraction areas to escape with loot.
  • Fight against AI and other players to upgrade your equipment and gain experience before extraction.
  • Detailed weapon modding system which allows players to create their own personalised weapon of choice.
  • Multiple progression streams through experience unlocking new items, ship upgrades and a prestige mechanic for non combat benefits.



Review Platform: PC

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