Mass Effect 3

  • RPG improvements - Smaller party size is easier to manage
  • Ending – Cutscenes are borderline excessive especially for action orientated players

If you follow the Mass Effect series you can’t miss Mass Effect 3 which ends the story arc of the trilogy and includes over an hour worth of cut scenes alone. The gameplay also features a few important refinements to the series, most notably in the area of combat.


For players that haven’t played the previous games in the Mass Effect series it is strongly recommend to not start on the third game as the plot and story evolution are important aspects of the series and you will be completely lost without playing the previous two games.

Just like the previous games in the series, Mass Effect 3 will have you bouncing around the entire galaxy using the transport network of the Mass Relays. The game is set just after the events of the second game and starts with players being held on Earth for his actions. Not long into the opening sequence though Earth is attacked and Commander Shepard escapes although Earth is left in utter ruin.

From this point on you will struggle to combat the Cerberus and the Reapers and hopefully save the galaxy from being purged once again. The continued save mechanic returns in the third game allowing players to import a save file which changes hundreds of tiny details about your Mass Effect 3 experience.

Gameplay has received lots of development love and ensures a much more RPG focused experience than Mass Effect 2. Two of the more notable improvements are the increased options in character skills and weapon modifications which ensures you can create something that suits your style of play.


Combat itself is where most of the best refinements are hiding though with plenty of tweaks to give you more options in battle as well as streamlining the entire process for an overall more responsive and enjoyable combat experience.

If you’ve followed Mass Effect there is no reason not to see it through to the end and with the core gameplay improvements it’s just as fun as the previous games.


  • Bounce around the galaxy one last time.
  • A crazy amount of cut scenes to immerse you in the story.
  • Huge number of improvements to combat.
  • New skill and weapon options enhance customisation.
  • Make choices to alter the storyline.



Review Platform: PC

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