Mega Mall Story

  • Fantastic sound and visual design creates a calming tycoon title
  • Massive unlocks and upgrades available to provide plenty of progression and choice
  • No real difficulty outside of the progression that hurts replay value

Create the ultimate mall in Mega Mall Story, a title for Android and iOS from the Kairosoft team that was later brought to Windows, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Serving as a paid game players are challenges with expanding from simple fast food locations to impressive sushi restaurants all while attracting an increasing number of visitors to spend their money within your mall boundaries.


Well known for their abundance of tycoon management titles Kairosoft is no stranger to the genre and this time have integrated their well practiced formula with the building up mechanics of the likes of Tiny Tower with each new height offering an expanded mall environment. Starting from a small business in traditional tycoon fashion your objective is to expand with new levels of stores to attract customers away from the competition and improve your own financial position.

Central to ensuring you extract maximum dollar is the design of your mall which includes layout of stores, facilities and structures to help customers move up and down between the mall levels. The floor placement of structures is an important consideration during this process and is referred to as the floor compatibility mechanic. These bonuses are critical to min-max gameplay in Mega Mall Story and reflect mall design you’ve likely encountered in real life. For example the arcade has a bonus applied if it is built in any of the the three basement floors while aquariums and appliances are ideal for between the 6th to 12th floor.


This is then further enhanced with special combinations of stores which boost efficiency and provide additional bonuses if placed together, ideally on the appropriate floors noted above. For example combining a toy dispensary, candy store and vending machine together creates a kids combo while a butcher, greengrocer and seafood store will lead to a familiar neighbourhood of food shops.

When said combinations are are created using 3 stores or facilities you’ll experience a boost to reputation, price and quality of those which ultimately leads to more money in your pocket for future expansion or spent on special stores which your mall can only support one of each. If you find yourself with even more cash to spare you can pick up some local real estate nearby your mall for additional gains.


In traditional Kairosoft fashion everything can be upgraded and there are plenty of other good feeling moments to keep you going such as the shopping frenzy that you’ll get at 100 popularity to flood the mall with guests. This matches up nicely with the massive number of unlocks and upgrades to ensure there is always something forward to strive for in the relaxing atmosphere that the game creates. Obsessive management players can also rejoice with options to easily move and change your past decisions so that you can create your original vision even if you get lost along the way in the sea of flashy unlocks.


  • Build your mall far into the sky with countless options of facilities, stores and special structures.
  • Countless upgrades and unlocks to keep you advancing through new content with fresh combinations to find.
  • Purchase real estate around the mall to expand your influence further.
  • Install stores and facilities alongside each other with bonuses for special combinations.
  • Kairosoft mobile title originally for iOS and Android with a later release on Steam and Nintendo Switch.



Review Platform: iOS

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