• Bright graphics bring the varied game worlds to life with each having a distinct theme
  • Huge number of quests and achievements that provides over 500 challenges to conquer
  • Quests and other content can often only be done once (including paid content) which reduces its value

MilMo is an action packed adventure with a broad history that goes back to 2009 with its current iteration being a downloadable game via Steam for Windows and Mac. Designed to be an accessible adventure where players create their own customised hero and join their friends in a colourful world you’ll find plenty of adventure and action.


MilMo is an adventure orientated and definitely designed with a younger audience in mind with its simple gameplay that draws from other popular MMO titles. Offering an expansive world to explore players will engage in the usual array of MMO mechanics while meeting other players. Central to this world exploration is of course your own personalised avatar hero who is fully customisable with visual designs and clothing that allows you to equip shirts, jackets, dresses, pants, skirts, shoes, gloves, hats, hairstyles and different game accessories to design your unique look. With literally hundreds of items earned from rewards for quests, events, sold by NPCs, other achievements or the cash shop there is something for all tastes be it fantasy or realistic.

Your personalised avatar can also be customised with the tree simple class choices of damage, support and protection which players can dive into or mix and match at every decision points that happens every 5 levels. Damage skills include choices like venom strike, battle shout, mangle and tempest while support has access to mend, cleanse/revoke, spawn hearts/spawn heroic hearts and heal. Finally the protection class specialisation accesses provoke, disorient, guard/stonewall and reflection. In addition players will have a range of general abilities available that provide extra utility or improve your outside of combat statistics like swimming.


With this hero players will adventure around the various game chapter areas that include the cloud themed horizon, ocean themed summer tide saga, the dark mice & maniax and the special air world that each have their own locations of quests, NPCs, creatures and items. Each of these is structured as an adventure that guide players through each of the locations and tie them into a bit of a broader game story. Many of these also end in bosses battles which are significantly larger and aggressive variants of monsters with special rewards.

Most of your combat encounters will be against normal monsters though that each deal a specific amount of damage to the player with varied attack patterns to create combat challenge. Monsters also generally spawn in packs that ups the difficulty of these encounters which includes alien bugs, wolves, crabs, dinosaurs, piranhas, hedgehogs, ants, onions, robots, snails, weeds and other strange creatures.


With many quests focused on killing a number of specific monsters or obtaining a specific number of items from monsters combat in Milmo is a staple component. Said combat is primarily actioned focused with players swinging their sword, shooting an arrow or creating magic from their wand to reduce enemy health to zero while dodging the monster contact.

Behind the scenes players will also be progressing their medal collection which is the core focus of many players with over 500 medals to acquire that provide players a sense of progression in the Milmo universe. These also work alongside the exploration tokens and player housing that provide those late game goals for players to complete.


  • Action packed MMO experience that challenges players to collect over 500 achievement medals for all sorts of activities.
  • A simple and colourful game world full of monsters and bosses to battle for items.
  • Customise your own avatar with a wide array of clothing options and class skills.
  • A variety of adventures that take players to different themed island locations with their own NPCs, quests and challenges.
  • Engage with the community through the co-operative elements and community events.



Review Platform: PC

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