Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Control scheme is perfectly designed for mobile MOBA gameplay
  • Quality of life mechanics that seeks to retain PC MOBA elements for mobile devices
  • Still plagued with lag and glitches even after a few years online
  • Needs time for balancing of heroes to achieve a true MOBA experience

Enjoy 5v5 MOBA gameplay on your mobile device with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that seeks to offer one of the highest quality and most populated games in the mobile MOBA niche. Heavily inspired by the heavy weight of League of Legends players will find a familiar formula that has been transported from the PC realm into the mobile one with only some small tweaks to the experience. Allowing players to get into matches quickly Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is ideal for on the go MOBA fans that want an iOS or Android strategic title.


Borrowing a familiar map design players will battle across 3 lanes complete with multiple towers, bosses and several jungle camps that provide neutral conflicts between the core 3 lane structure. Your avatar for this battle is one of the available heroes form the usual archetype pool where you’ve got damage dealing assassins, support healers, tanky initiators and spellcasters with their own range of skills.

Despite focusing on the mobile game genre Mobile Legends: Bang Bang does not provide a light experience with fully detailed lore behind each of these heroes, unique base statistics for each that have a different growth path from level 1 to level 15 within a match and even unique resource mechanics across the heroes roster. One element that has been trimmed down slightly though is the skills where each hero comes with a passive, 2 skills and an ultimate to make it slightly friendlier on the fingers to play with small mobile devices.


With a current heroes list of over 100 options with their own role to play on a team you’ll find one that suits your preferred MOBA playstyle. From the futuristic sword based assassin Saber that prefers the jungle to Nana the sweet specialist mage that prefers to poke and burst enemies from the mid lane each hero is incredibly diverse across the fantasy spectrum.

Not only are skills flashy and appropriate for each character you’ll be able to use them effectively (even skill shots) with the solid mobile control scheme that is both responsive and intuitive. This is aided with aim assistance that let you move and attack easily or last hit with ease and allows the game to retain mechanics of the full scale MOBAs while still being possible to play on mobile. Other quick press buttons for a short healing boost, execution and recall also help Mobile Legends: Bang Bang deliver a mobile experience in a difficult to translate genre.


Pairing your character with the usual range of items to help alter your stats for your playstyle provides further customisation to your selected hero. Like other elements of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang it doesn’t quite hit the item depth and strategy but still provides the mechanic at the right level for a mobile audience. Other quality of life inclusions in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang include AI taking over any disconnected players and a lack of any pay to win elements within the core gameplay which not all mobile games have successfully avoided. Overall the mobile title was clearly designed with mobile in mind at every turn and as it’s hero list continues to grow is likely to stay at the top of the mobile MOBA genre for some time.


  • 5v5 MOBA matches with jungle and boss camps included for a full MOBA experience.
  • Command a unique hero from the usual archetypes with their own skills and progression curves.
  • Purchase extra characters and fun skins with real money to advance your collection of options.
  • Mobile assisted gameplay with great controls that ensure the game captures MOBA mechanics in a manageable way.
  • For Android and iOS mobile devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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