Monster Legends

  • Huge monster variety with hundreds of uniquely designed monster types to collect
  • Plenty of choices in how you breed, build and fight with your monsters
  • Free to play players will be unable to compete against the pay to win combat mechanics
  • Years of development has added layers of complexity that can be difficult for new players to decipher

Monster Legends is the latest game from mobile focused developer Social Point known for their exceedingly popular dragon breeding game, Dragon City. With the latest game in their growing portfolio of games Social Point opts to to take the formula from that original hit and build on it by changing the theme to monsters and introducing a number of other game mechanics. While originally a Facebook game in recent years Monster Legends has transitioned solely to an iOS and Android monster taming title for your handheld device.


In Monster Legends your ultimate job is to tame the large array of beasts by hatching eggs and breeding them together to create increasingly powerful combinations. This is partly to become the ultimate monster tamer by unlocking them all but also important for the adventure and arena modes on offer. By breeding a powerful team players will be able to conquer both of these modes to progress further on their goal with the currency and other in game item rewards from these activities. As you learn more about the various monsters and associated mechanics that Monster Legends has to offer these breeding techniques will allow you to develop stronger and stronger monster teams to help you climb the player rankings.

In total you’ll have over 900 such monsters which continue to grow with each game update. Split into different rarity groups (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythic), element (nature, fire, earth, thunder, water, dark, magic, light and metal), book and generation you’ll find a diverse list of unique monsters to collect. From the common fire beginner monster of Firesaur to the mythic abomination that is The Great Cthulhu no monster is out of reach through traditional breeding or in game events.


Beyond the visual uniqueness of each monster you’ll find that each has their own statistics of strength, life, speed and stamina that grows with each star monster rank. Similarly you’ll find their gold generation and skills develop in time that are important for reinvesting into the next tier of monsters and the combat side of Monster Legends gameplay.

Gold is pivotal to your long term success given it is central to building up suitable habitats for your monsters to feel at home which has various flow on effects to progression. Combined with keeping them well fed and breeding them correctly to fill up your Monstagram (a monster encyclopaedia) you’ll quickly be overwhelmed with new monster types. With a habitat for each type of monster available to you there are plenty of buildings to manage in your Monster Legends adventure which includes unlocking special buildings, items and décor.


Much of this activity points players back towards the RPG and strategic battles of Monster Legends that emphasise levelling up your monsters for battles, boosting their power with equipped runes or relics and lastly picking the mixture of your monster team. Said team is created by selecting up to three monsters with the bulk of strategy driven by the aforementioned monster elements that provide a 2.5x damage bonus against another element. Unlike other games with similar rock-paper-scissor combat mechanics Monster Legends also makes each element weak against itself for added complexity to your team design.


  • From the creators of Dragon City (Social Point) comes the next evolution of their city building, breeding and combat formula.
  • Complete your own monster encyclopedia with over 900 uniquely designed monsters with their own visuals and skills.
  • Create a thriving city and specific habitats to breed monsters while you fight your way through the PvE and PvP battles.
  • Balance your team from the different monster elements as you create an ideal roster for the turn based tactical battles.
  • Free to play mobile title for iOS and Android users.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. Advice to people thinking of starting to play this game: I would recommend not to start playing this game. It will be fun for a while, and then become frustrating and disappointing later.

    I just leveled up from Level 49 to Level 50. Now it’s so difficult to get coins I might as well not bother even trying to get the monsters I want. Big disappointment. Thinking of giving up this game now. It was good until now. What a waste of time, effort and money …. The way things are now, I would advise people who are thinking of starting this game not to bother – it’s good for a while, then it becomes frustrating and disappointing. Also, PC users are very disadvantaged in this game – some of the best features are only available on Android. If I’d know what I know now, I wouldn’t have started playing this game. I wish that these things had been made clear at the start, so that I could have made an informed decision.

    Can anyone recommend a similar game that doesn’t turn bad after you’ve spent a long time (and lots of money) playing it?

  2. This game is AMAZING! Pangolian just sucks at the game. I am LV 73, and coins are easy to get, and the game is fun, if someone sucks, they cant play and they blame it on the game, OP game, recommended to play if you are good gamer

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