Monster MMORPG

  • Crazy amounts of content – PvP focus
  • Missing some bells and whistles

Monster MMORPG is a Pokemon inspired free to play browser game that stays very true to the original and popular series of monster capture games.


The game started back in 2009 and has slowly grown into a great MMORPG experience that has particular appeal to Pokemon fans.

At the core of its gameplay you can expect to travel, collect, train and then battle a variety of monsters. Monster MMORPG offers over 1200 monsters, 500+ game maps, 100+ items, a chat system, monster trading, NPCs, arenas and so much more.

The game also packs some more unique features including over 20 starting monster options, thousands of different monster attacks, monster locations that change and multiple nature stats that ensures no two monsters that you capture will grow in the same way.

The start of your journey in Monster MMORPG involves creating your own avatar with a few customisable options. You’ll then be presented with the game interface which is a mixture of text and graphics. From here you’ll travel around the huge game world finding the perfect monsters for your team and training them up (while also gaining cash to spend on items).


The game definitely has a very PvP and social emphasis with people wanting a solo experience going to find the game thin and repetitive if they stick to themselves. If you love the idea of monster battling against other players you’ll love this focus though and love spending extra time to carefully pick your team.

As far as online free alternatives to Pokemon go you’ll find Monster MMORPG at the top of your list because there is just so much game world to explore. While the game lacks a few of the features that could take it to a whole new level their absence doesn’t take away from the overall experience.


  • Huge number of maps to explore.
  • So many monsters to capture!
  • PvP focus will have you carefully considering your monster team.
  • Packed full of features to create a great social experience.
  • Continued updates to improve gameplay.



Review Platform: Browser

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