Monster Rancher DS

  • Lots of monsters – Unique monster creation
  • Gets repetitive eventually

Monster Rancher DS was originally released in Japan and made its way to international shores in 2010. The game is a monster creation and training game for the Nintendo DS originally developed by Tecmo.


Monster Rancher DS is part of a long running series of video games that started back in 1997 on the PlayStation. The game has many of the old favourite monsters along with plenty of new ones for a total of over 250 monsters to ultimately choose from.

The core gameplay of Monster Rancher DS involves the fighting, raising and breeding of various monsters. The game has many unique features that have made it popular amongst fans and given this long running game series a large fan base. Creating monsters in Monster Ranch can be achieved in two different ways. Players can either draw a picture with their touch screen or recite an incantation with the in built microphone. Alternatively players can combine two monsters that they already own to create a new monster.

Training is just as important as creation in Monster Rancher though and you will spend much of your time devising effective training methods to ensure your monsters are as strong as possible.


To advance through the game players will have to gain ranks and money by entering their monsters into various tournaments. Players can either take control of their monster and instruct them or let them fight by themselves which is a great way to speed up battles if you know you have the obvious advantage. If you choose to take control you’ll find plenty of strategy in the combat that lets careful planning overcome tougher opponents.

Monster Rancher DS has plenty of enjoyable aspects for newcomers to this much loved series. The unique monster creation methods and emphasis on training are definitely unique and the best assets of the game.


  • Over 250 monsters to create and train.
  • Unique ways to create new monsters (drawing, microphone or combining).
  • Devise the perfect training methods to produce powerful monsters.
  • Battle it out in tournaments to advance through the game.
  • Fight your friends to prove who has the stronger team.



Review Platform: DS

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