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  • Fun puzzle based games – Home decoration options – Safe and simple
  • Smaller game world than some competitors

Moshi Monsters is an online game designed for children where players can adopt a virtual monster as a pet. The game launched in 2007 and has quickly grown to tens of million accounts globally.


Moshi Monsters can be played within your internet browser making it very accessible and easy to start playing. Users are able to purchase a Moshi Monsters membership for full game access although plenty of the games content is offered for free. Moshi Monsters has also expanded into merchandise and even a very popular DS video game.

After creating your Moshi Monsters account you’ll be prompted to adopt a virtual pet from the available monster species and then customise its colours to create your own unique pet. After adoption you can go about exploring the large game world known as Monstro City. In Monstro City players can play games, tackle puzzles, decorate their room and communicate with other players.

As you participate in the game world of Moshi Monsters players earn the game currency of Rox which can then be spent on items in Moshi Monsters either to look after your pet or decorate your house.


Your Moshi Monsters house is where you will spend much of your time as it connects you to various locations in the world of Moshi Monsters. This house is completely customisable and uses a simple drag and drop interface which allows you to easily decorate your rooms to your liking. Every house in Moshi Monsters by default features a friend tree and a pin board which are used for communication with others.

The success of Moshi Monsters is no fluke with its simplistic but enjoyable gameplay it does well at attracting and holding the games intended audience. Children will definitely enjoy their time in the game world and learn as they progress.


  • Available in your browser, no downloads!
  • Moshi Monsters is free to play with membership options.
  • Good mixture of species to adopt with their own personality.
  • Lots of things to do in the game world.
  • Decorate your own house.



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  1. i like moshi monsters it is the best in my life even i like the secret codes because it gives me all the rox and free stuff

  2. Not the best– I have been on since I was in 3rd grade and It is mainly for the younger audience. Not much chat options. It is very restricted also.

  3. i love moshi monsters it gives me fun like the daily challenge and there are words to read

  4. I Love Moshi Monsters Am Level 49 On It Im 12 And Been Playing It Since I Was 5 Or Something

  5. i love this game

  6. This game is SO cool can not what to play again


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