Movie Star Planet

  • Make your own movies and other creative outlets that allow you to unleash your creativity
  • Large community of players ensure there are new friends and competitors
  • Lacks a large virtual world compared to other competitors that can make the world feel small
  • Ongoing issues with bugs and stability on mobile apps can quickly cause frustration

Movie Star Planet (MSP) offers a social experience for young children and tweens that has them living their dream of becoming a movie star and navigating the pathway to this life of fame and fortune. MSP is available for Windows and also has released apps for Android and iOS that feature the same core gameplay while allowing you to regularly check your virtual life on your mobile device.


Just like other games in the genre, Movie Star Planet markets themselves as a safe and fun online universe for children (boys and girls) to explore with the appropriate design and mechanics to ensure this is the case so players can safely navigate the wealth of gameplay. The majority of this is available to players for free although in game purchases allow players to become VIPs, Star VIPs and Elite VIPs that help boost the speed of your progression through buffs to game activity rewards that allow you to take your fame to the next level.

These activities offer some of the broadest gameplay in the genre with Move Star Planet providing opportunities to be creative and social as you play games, interact with other players and even create your own movies. As you participate in the community you will earn fame and StarCoins which in turn lets you buy more costumes, backdrops and animations to make even better movies and repeat the cycle with ever growing numbers. This results in an endless progression loop and gives MSP players that constant goal to strive for which creates not only a sense of achievement but also a clear direction for your next challenge.


This mixture of gameplay options in Movie Star Planet is unique to the genre and allows players to not only socialise but also be creative. While this is predominately available through the movie mechanic players can also be creative with photos, art books and even clothes design so players can tailor their experience to their preferred creative outlet. There simply aren’t many other video games that give you this level of control over a game world which is why the game originally increased in popularity so rapidly since its release and has contained to maintain a consistent player base of millions across the respective apps and PC version.

This Movie Star Planet journey starts with players creating their own unique avatar star that can be further customised with all sorts of designer fashion pieces. From here you’ll enter the social world where you can chat with other players to make friends, decorate your personalised room area and even own your pet that needs caring for. With your avatar you’ll also be able access a diverse range of mini games that have their own rewards and high scores to chase.


Ultimately Movie Star Planet is definitely something different in what is generally a bland genre filled with stale virtual worlds without a clear path of progression or lack variety across their available mechanics. If you enjoy creative gameplay in particular you’ll like the ability to play dress ups and create your own movies to share with others in the MSP universe.


  • A highly creative social experience that offers a mixture of creativity, chat and design.
  • Play on your computer with the downloadable client or use the smart phone apps across iOS and Android.
  • Meet other players in the various safe chat rooms to make new friends and show off your game progression.
  • Gain fame and fortune as you advance through the game and develop your avatar into a star.
  • Lots of free to play content available with premium purchases granting you various VIP statuses.



Review Platform: iOS

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Samuel Franklin
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  1. your awsome movi star planet

  2. Moviestarplanet is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Movie Star Planet is awesome!!! It is, well… JUST AWESOME!!!!

  4. played it I am star vip I am jury and celeb

  5. Its amazing. ;-)

    • i love movestarplant

  6. it is a amazing

  7. Lovely game. I would recommend this to to children.

  8. in my opinion MSP isn’t that great, really

    – lots of friendly people

    – everything is too expensive, and to afford buying clothes and whatnot you’ll have to save up for a very long time, or succumb to buying VIP membership
    – msp staff never listens to their user reports, and they ban people without explaining why
    – they also ban people who have done nothing wrong
    – they are more lenient towards VIP users, even if some of them harass so many people. MSP staff rarely bans VIPs.
    – there are loads of trolls
    – half of the clothes in the stores are just recolors of older clothes, and to repeat, very expensive

  9. I have been playing MSP for a month now. I got a membership for about $50.00 and then for some reason I get locked out for a week. I message MSP about the situation, they never respond. I have to wait a week. THEN after that I get locked out FOREVER! Still they never responded to my email. I do not feel I did anything wrong. I never even chat with people. I have no idea why I got locked out but THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE!

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